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A Tribute to Veteran Gary E. Harvey

November 12, 2013

A wife’s loving tribute to her husband, Gary Harvey – Veteran and unfortunately trapped in an abusive guardianship.   Currently, Gary is confined to a hospital room and denied all visitation from family, friends, advocates – even clergy.  The guardian does not keep his wife informed of his medical condition and blocks all her efforts to advocate for his best interest and his preferences. 

Please pray for Gary’s continued strength and that he will be allowed the comfort and the love of his wife.

The Illusion: Gary & Sara Harvey Supporters Will Fade Away

June 6, 2013

It would seem that some misguided individuals think that Gary & Sara Harvey supporters will simply fade away in time. Perhaps some will. However, it is an illusion and delusion to suppose we all will. Some of us don’t like bullies and we don’t like injustice so much so that we don’t let go of the stench trail once we get hold of it. And, believe me, the stench trail in the Harvey case is over-powering.

Who was it that approached the judge with a request to starve & dehydrate Gary to death? It certainly wasn’t Sara, Gary’s wife.

Who is it that has ordered Gary Harvey into a world of isolation nearly void of any true stimulation? Certainly not Sara Harvey.

Who is it that is in charge of medical decisions and care as Gary suffers from infection after infection? Certainly not Sara, the wife who loves him.

Who is it that has benefited financially throughout the guardianship event? Definitely not Sara Harvey.

Amazing how those who hold the reins and make the decisions, financially benefit (or cause others to receive financial benefit), continue to try to make Sara Harvey the bad person in this reign of terror. Amazing indeed!

The stench is heavy. The truth is powerful. It’s time for Justice to take center stage! And, rather than fade away, many of us intend to be in the audience!

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The Illusion:  Gary and Sary Harvey Supporters Will Fade Away

What Say You, Kevin Moshier?

June 5, 2013

Tragically, Gary Harvey of Horsehead, NY fell down the basement stairs in January of 2006 and received a traumatic head injury. The Gary Harvey case haunts me, Kevin Moshier. Does it ever haunt you?

Do you ever wonder, as his court appointed attorney and simply as a human being, if Gary actually knows what is going on around him, but merely can’t let others know? What if he does, Kevin? What if he knows everything that has been said to him or around him? What if he feels everything? What if he feels desperation when his needs aren’t adequately met and when he has to fight still another infection? What if he feels the isolation and misses the once frequent visits of the wife he so loves? What if… Kevin Moshier?… what if he is actually a human being, who once laughed and planned and thought tomorrow would be one day closer to his future plans and dreams? What if he still isn’t done hoping for a better tomorrow?

What if he needs your help, Kevin?

Will you help him?

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Carrie’s Take:  What Say You, Kevin Moshier?”

Terri Schiavo’s Brother, Bobby Schindler, Working to Help Others

April 5, 2013

By now, eight years later, the details and debate over his sister’s situation – her diagnosis, her prognosis, her wishes, her autopsy – are no longer that important to Bobby Schindler.
For him, one thought dominates. Terri Schiavo deserved to live.

Schindler now heads a growing foundation to help others in similar situations. Every year since her death, they’ve held a “Terri’s Day” of remembrance.

This year, the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network has moved from Florida to the Philadelphia area, where both the Schindler and Schiavo families are from, and the event has grown.

At 5 p.m. Friday, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput will celebrate a Mass dedicated to Terri Schiavo at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul. Sarah Palin will speak afterward at a fund-raising dinner at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. A ticket is $150, and 350 have been sold; $25,000 gets you a visit with Palin, but no takers so far, Schindler said.

Terri Schiavo died March 31, 2005, after 15 years in what doctors termed a persistent vegetative state. Her case was marked by an excruciating public family battle that traversed the courts, prompted an unprecedented session of Congress, drew the attention of the Vatican, and inspired countless Americans to complete “living wills” spelling out what care they did – or did not – want in the event of severe injury or illness.

Her husband, Michael, said she would not have wanted to live this way. Her parents and siblings said she would have chosen life, no matter what.

It is a decision that daily is facing many families, although rarely in such a public arena. Mostly, it’s in a hospital conference room with a box of tissues on the table.

Schindler, 48, a former math and science teacher in Florida, thinks many patients are being warehoused. Last year, the foundation established a Center for Disability in the Public Square – a data-gathering and information-sharing network. In his office, he has a sketch of a rehab facility he would like the foundation to build, although he concedes it is likely a long way off.

The foundation, begun in 2000, has seen its revenue grow steadily, from less than $20,000 in 2005 to nearly $700,000 in 2011.

That year, contributions were bolstered by a $100,000 prize from the Gerard Health Foundation, a pro-life philanthropy in Natick, Mass., that praised the Schiavo network for helping 1,000 families, and giving them “safe haven amidst the pressure of the so-called ‘right to die’ movement.”


One of them is Sara Harvey, of Horseheads, N.Y., just north of the Pennsylvania line. She has been battling officials over her husband, Gary, who has been in a persistent vegetative state for nearly seven years, after falling down steps and suffering a traumatic brain injury.

A judge had named the county Gary Harvey’s guardian in 2007, and in 2009, officials planned to remove his feeding tube. Sara Harvey contacted Schindler, who has petitioned the court to name him a legal guardian.

No decision has been made, but Sara Harvey credits Schindler with saving her husband’s life so far.  “Bobby’s like an angel over my husband.”

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Terri Schiavo’s Brother Working to Help Others

Poor People

March 18, 2013

Remember Gary Harvey in your prayers & thoughts today!

Linda Kincaid Reports: Shameful abuse of Gary Harvey: Disabled veteran in Chemung County, New York

March 13, 2013

 Gary Harvey received a special treat for his birthday on February 27, 2013. On that day, and only on that day, Gary’s wife was allowed to kiss Gary on the cheek two times. Gary’s wife was also allowed to hold his hand for five minutes.

Gary is not a criminal. Neither is his wife, Sara Harvey. Gary is a disabled adult.

In 2006, Gary suffered a head injury that left him in a vegetative state. Gary is completely dependent on caregivers for all of his care. Gary’s wife, Sara, was by his side at the facility for months. Sara became trained on Gary’s care and made arrangements to bring him home.

In 2007, the Chemung County Court placed the Public Guardian in control of Gary’s life. In a story familiar to many victims of the court system, false allegations were made against Sara. Lacking the legal savvy to navigate a hostile court environment, Sara lost all voice in Gary’s care.

Full Article & Source:
Shameful abuse of Gary Harvey: Disabled veteran in Chemung County, New York

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Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey

Still Troubled by Terri Schiavo’s Death, but Inspired Too

Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Terri Schiavo’s Brother, Bobby Schindler, Petitions Court to Intervene in Guardianship Case

The Dictators of Non-Compassion: Gary Harvey Case and the Unexpected Twist

Gary Harvey Series: In Darkness & Isolation

March 11, 2013

Gary Harvey of “warehoused scenario central”, New York, is living in an inexcusable isolation! What visits this man is allowed are limited, restricted and supervised. Permission must be obtained to even touch him. A kiss on the cheek must also be approved by the authority now deemed in control of his very existence. An authority that seems to enjoy toying with the lives and emotions of those they can control and the friends and loved ones that have dared to challenge or question their decisions, behaviors and directives.


Chemung County, New York, supposedly cares for its wards, even the ones they claim not to want, but then fight desperately to keep. Their decisions are always in the best interest of those wards, right? (That’s what they say anyway.) This then makes one wonder why they would hesitate to make sure the eye care that Gary Harvey gets is top-notch (they certainly aren’t paying for it) and to stay on top of what might be an eye problem in the making or a condition getting worse.

Gary Harvey suffers from a traumatic brain injury. That’s true. However, no one knows how far he could come along, if he were to receive therapy and stimulation, such as having frequent visitors who are allowed to touch him and give him a kiss on the cheek, just because giving him a kiss on the cheek might be a gesture of affection he is needing. No one knows and it seems like those in control — simply don’t care.

Full Article & Source:
Gary Harvey Series: In Darkness & Isolation

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Tonight on T. S. Radio: Gary Harvey’s Birthday Bash, as per Chemung County

March 4, 2013

Join us for a show sure to boil your blood!

Gary Harvey celebrated another birthday in his room (prison cell) at St Joseph hospital. His wife was told she could “kiss him twice on the cheek” and could “hold his hand” as long as her hand remained absolutely still…….otherwise….these special privileges would cease immediately.

Special privileges? A wife kissing her husband? Holding his hand? And these are special privileges?

Chemung County should be forced to register the Case of Gary Harvey as a “for profit” venture. Gary has been a virtual cash cow for everyone who has their fingers in his case.

We have been following the tragic case of Gary and Sara Harvey for several years now. Gary, who suffered a head injury seven years ago in his home, has been held for ransom by Chemung County, New York. Also tapping into the case of “Gary Harvey–All for profit venture!” are numerous attorneys, probate judges and others all connected to the same law firm! What a coincidence!

5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST

LISTEN LIVE or listen to the archive later!

Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey

March 2, 2013

It seems the tortured imprisonment of Gary Harvey in Chemung County New York, will never end. Mr. Harvey who suffered a head injury as a result of a fall in his home seven years ago, has been a real cash cow for not only the hospital he is confined to, but also for numerous agencies, attorneys and predatory guardians. As long as Mr. Harvey can be owned and controlled by the predators, his safety, welfare and general overall health will continue to deteriorate. But there is money to be made! And Mr. Harvey has been a virtual ATM for those who continue to hold him hostage.

Mr. Harvey has been billed more than 1 million a year in medical and rehabilitation costs billed to his wife’s insurance. Much of this was for rehabilitation services that never occurred. State agencies and agents are availing themselves of Mr. Harvey’s social security checks, and any funds supplied by the Veterans Administration along with Medicaid funds. You can see it is not in the financial interests of the predators involved to release Gary from his imprisonment.

To understand just how vindictive, how callous and vicious these individuals can be, please note the letter received shown below. Keep in mind this is Sara Harvey’s husband who is being abused here, and this letter is in regards to his birthday visit from his wife:

P.O. BOX 588
ELMIRA, NEW YORK 14902-0588
(607) 737-5403 FAX (607) 737-5500
TO: Theresa Duffy, SJH and CIS
FROM: Elizabeth Beckwith, Adult Services
RE: Gary visitation
Deretha Watterson, LCSW-R Kellie Lowman

Commissioner Children and Family Services

During Gary’s visit today, 2/27/13, Sara Harvey is permitted the following actions:

  • Kiss Gary two times on the cheek

  • Hold hand under the following conditions:

  • Hands are visible at all times by the monitor (CIS staff person and camera).

  • Sara’s hand should NOT be moving at all when holding Gary’s hand.

Please note that the above two actions shall only be permitted under the above conditions. IF Sara deviates at any time during today’s visit from these stated expectations, then all touching should stop immediately.

These permitted actions cease at the end of the visit today.


Mrs. Harvey has waged a never-ending battle to not only free her husband from this horrendous abuse, but most times just to have access to her husband. Visitation occurs only under the supervision of an armed guard and a nurse. Most times she is not allowed to touch him or comfort him in any way. She is not allowed to take pictures of him in his chronically deteriorating condition to document the abuse and neglect this man has suffered at the hands of predators who operate under the protection and facilitation of the probate courts.

Full Article & Source:
Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey

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A Fight for Life

January 22, 2013

An ongoing legal case in New York’s Southern Tier is reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo case.

Family Life’s Bob Price speaks with Bobby Schindler, Executive Director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, about the legal battle over Gary Harvey’s medical care.

Family Life Network: News: A Fight for Life

LISTEN to Bob Price’s interview with Bobby Schindler

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