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Probate Sharks: TX Judge Resigns After Reportedly Caught Sleeping During Testimony

February 23, 2012

A Texas special education hearing officer resigned after being caught on camera, sleeping during testimony critical to a disabled teenager’s future.

Word of the resignation came just hours after Larry Craddock e-mailed FOX 26 News to decline comment on video, still pictures and witness affidavits.

“It was not short little naps. He was actually sleeping for extended periods of time,” said Myrna Silver, an education attorney representing the North Texas student involved in the case.

“We dropped water bottles. We tried coughing, we tried jumbling our books to help stir him awake, but it wasn’t working,” said parent Donna Harvey.

Parents who engage in a “due process hearing” often expend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees fighting school districts with much deeper pockets.

Most of the time parents lose.

Texas Judge Resigns After Reportedly Caught Sleeping During Testimony
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