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Judges’ battle called ‘chaos’

October 26, 2012

Although Hamilton County’s Juvenile Court already has an administrator, Judge Tracie Hunter wants a second one – who would report directly to her.

And it will cost taxpayers an additional $106,900 per year.

After being rebuffed, Hunter filed a court order on Tuesday afternoon requiring county officials to make the hire.

Ignoring such an order could lead to a contempt action and possible jail time for county officials.
Hunter’s court order comes as juvenile court is $300,000 over budget this year. And like all county offices, it’s facing cuts next year. County officials want to cut $2.8 million from the court’s $18.5 million budget.

It also comes as Democrat Hunter and Republican John Williams, the other Juvenile Court judge, have battled for two years, first for a judgeship and now for control of the court.

Hunter accused the current Juvenile Court administrator, Curt Kissinger, of insubordination and reprimanded him prior to picking attorney Wende Cross to serve as her court administrator.

“I did it so that it will be carried out. Thus far it hasn’t been,” Hunter said of her order.

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Judges’ battle called ‘chaos’