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Feeding Tube Mishap at Nursing Home

September 17, 2012

Each elderly resident in a nursing home requires different medical treatment and medications. It is important that all the aspects of their health be treated carefully and accurately. One nursing home is being sued after a resident acquired an infection from a feeding tube that was allegedly wrongly inserted, and ended up filling her abdominal cavity with liquid formula.

The victim’s daughter, who claimed that her mother had to suffer more medical ailments along with pain and suffering, filed the lawsuit. The elderly woman was hallucinating and confused at the time of the incident and pulled out a gastric feeding tube that had been directly inserted in her abdomen. A nursing home staff had tried to reinsert the tube, but instead inserted it directly in her abdomen and the staff member did not document the reinsertion into the patient’s file. Nursing staff then noted that the patient’s temperature had risen and that her abdomen was firm and had distended. The liquid nutrition was stopped and the elderly woman had to be treated at a hospital for an infection and had to also undergo a surgical procedure.

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Feeding Tube Mishap at Nursing Home