National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse ( NASGA ) is a public benefit civil rights organization founded by victims and for victims of unlawful and abusive guardianship and conservatorship cases.

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3 Responses to “About NASGA”

  1. Debbie Ann Dunn Says:

    A temporary guardian was appointed by a judge who did not even hear my side of the story.

    My mom looked sick in late august. The guardian refused to put her in the hospital and the doc listened to him. By october she looked really grey and could barely sit up.

    The guardian and Joanne Pietro continued to ignore my emails and pleadings to help my mother. Then they said i could not go in her room anymore.

    In October I called adult protective services who put her in the hospital. She died 14 days later of complications of pneumonia, mrsa and finally sepsis.

    This was all avoidable had the guardian allowed Isabella Dunn to receive medical treatment in august when she started to feel ill.

    I am heart broken. Joseph Catanese tried to control my every move and I believe because i refused to listen to him he let my mother die.

    Deborah A. Dunn This occured in Middlesex County Court, NJ

  2. mildred johnson Says:

    i have joined your organization;but cannot see what help i have
    gotten.(joined about a year ago.)my name is mildred johnson;
    portland,oregon.the problem concerns a relative in new jersey.
    i cannot reveal any more information.is there anyone in new
    jersey who can help me?

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