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Linda Kincaid Reports: California Assembly Judiciary Committee vote to curb elder abuse by conservators

June 17, 2013

San Francisco’s ABC7 I-Team investigated elder abuse by the Santa Clara County Public Guardian. See Public guardian under fire for isolating elderly.

AB937 aims to curb those abuses. See I-Team investigation gets woman more visits, law proposed.
The Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all persons have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” However, some conservators routinely violate that “inalienable right” that was so clearly penned by Thomas Jefferson.

  • In Stanislaus County, June Guinn has not seen her family since 2008. The conservator will not disclose June’s location. Family fears that June is dead.
  • In Sacramento County, David Fettgather, a young man with Down syndrome, is allowed to see his father only on alternate weekends.
  • In San Joaquin County, the Public Guardian isolated Maria Jordanou from her family for the last month of her life. Maria died believing her family abandoned her.
  • In Los Angeles County, Helen Kasof was allowed only limited visitation with her son for 15 months.
  • In Santa Clara County, the Public Guardian isolated Gisela Riordan and Lillie Scalia beginning in 2010. Gisela was allowed no visitors, phone calls, or mail for over two years. Lillie was isolated for a year.
  • In San Bernardino County, Jean Swope was taken from her home, hidden from family, and isolated for 15 months. The conservator allowed no visitation and severely restricted phone calls.

Full Article and Source:
California Assembly Judiciary Committee vote to curb elder abuse by conservators

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