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Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder abuse at Senior Paradise: NASGA president speaks out

November 7, 2013

Margarita Zelada has been confined and isolated for months at Senior Paradise. The Monterey County, California assisted living facility has management practices more akin to a prison than a paradise.

Margarita is allowed almost no visitation with her family. Phone calls are often restricted.

Elder advocates attempting to make contact with Margarita found multiple locks on the front door. Administrator Margaret Eldred Camara told advocates she would call the police if they did not leave. Camara said her instructions to unlawfully confine and isolate Margarita were issued by Deputy Public Guardian Jennifer Empasis.

The National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse (NASGA) is a human rights organization that opposes abusive guardianships. NASGA president Elaine Reniore sent the following open letter to Deputy Public Guardian Empasis.

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Elder abuse at Senior Paradise: NASGA president speaks out