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Recommended Blog: The Myths of Guardianship

September 10, 2013

Joe Roubicek, Author of “Financial Abuse of the Elderly – A Detective’s Case Files of Exploitation Crimes” and a new book in progress, “KILL MOM, KILL DAD; Disposing of the Elderly for Profit” has also started a new Blog, “The Myths of Guardianship.”   

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Joe Roubicek has 28 years of first-hand experience investigating exploitation crime. 

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"Lovingly and Orderly"

June 14, 2013

With the imminent death of a mother tensions rapidly erupt in her household to dismantle and destroy her family as a consequence of evil.

During a time of obvious lamentation, a devoted son based on a divine covenant with his mother responded to uphold her honor after her sudden and tragic death.

Despite being confronted with one hindrance after another by the wicked acts of his dishonorable siblings, the son reveals a diabolical and criminal conspiracy in progress.

After being challenged and eventually dismissed by the Chicago Police Department, the son discovers that his mother was flagrantly violated upon her death by the suspects in connection with their criminal conduct through a onerous and intense investigation. The culmination of the illegal activity adversely impacting the deceased matriarch’s estate occurs in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL Probate Division. Would the probate court mandated by Illinois State Law to address the outstanding and pressing legal issues concerning the dearly departed in our society allow the criminal activity to be ignored in order to preserve the economic concerns of an influential financial institution?

Lovingly and Orderly: A Son’s Lament is a real life account of the arduous task the son accepted upon his own free will inspired by God. The compelling drama is a true indication of the state of affairs in our free market, capitalistic society in the United States of America where guile and clout leaves room for doubt regarding justice in our nation.

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"Against Her Will"

March 9, 2013

A cautionary tale of elder abuse and the system that perpetuates it. Two years ago John Wyman’s mother Carol walked out of a nursing home in Rockford, Illinois. She had been placed there for the convenience of others, not for her own well-being and had suffered mentally, physically and emotionally.

When she ended up at John’s home outside of Aspen, Colorado his journey began. Hairdresser by trade, rebel at heart, John took on the challenges of dealing with nursing homes, courts and family members to provide the best possible situation for his mother.

What he experienced woke him up to the inequities and injustices lurking in the systems which have been established to help our older population. He decided to share his story to make us all aware of the catastrophic possibilities that lie in wait if we don’t take action to change these systems. A must read for all who may become old.

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KILL MOM, KILL DAD – Disposing of the Elderly for Profit. Chapter Three!

January 31, 2013

Joe Roubicek is presently the economic crimes investigator for the State Attorney’s Office 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida, and author of  the book:  Financial Abuse of the Elderly:  A Detectives Case File of Exploitation Crimes

READ CHAPTER THREE  of Joe Roubicek’s new book in progress:“KILL MOM, KILL DAD: Disposing of the Elderly for Profit”

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Recommended Website and Book: Marked for Destruction

January 11, 2013

A Shockingly Powerful Story; A True Crime Exposed.
by Officer John Caravella /retired

What Adele Fraulen might have thought to be nothing more than a meaningless bad dream one night in 1935 would actually come true. At age 79 she would find herself living a nightmare — a struggle for her life, simply because she innocently trusted the wrong professionals to help with her portion of a Million Dollar inheritance; they would steal her very existence. Her neighbors, Chris and Patricia Zurillo, would realize that Adele’s life was going terribly wrong and dedicate themselves to freeing her from captivity.

“Marked For Destruction” is a rare book that exposes an ever-expanding crime against our elderly.


From the Author:


Imminent danger to the alleged incapacitated person, who is criminally and civilly innocent, begins with a court ordered pre-trial examination by an examining committee.

Court ordered examinations, and examining committee members, are controlled by statute. If indicated, the committee’s examination must be comprehensive and include:

1. A physical examination;
2. A mental health examination;
3. A functional assessment;
4. A diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended course of treatment.

Read the Essay: Freedom From Interference

Recommended Website: Financial Abuse of the Elderly

January 3, 2013


In a sentence, Florida’s exploitation law (FSS 825.103) states that when someone maliciously takes the property of an “elderly person,” they are committing exploitation. That’s the essence of the law.

But there is also an important requirement: Within this law, an “elderly person” is defined as someone 60 years of age or older who is suffering from the infirmities of aging to the extent that their ability to adequately care for and protect themselves is impaired. The law states that the elderly person must suffer a physical or mental infirmity. Therefore, exploitation is based primarily on infirmities or disabilities and not deception.

This is why exploitation is not fraud and why it can be much more devastating and offensive. Fraud is generally defined as deception that is carried out for the purpose of achieving personal gain while causing injury to another party. Exploitation requires more than that. It requires that the victims suffer disabilities that make them more vulnerable. And when the victim is more vulnerable, the victim impact is far worse.


Read Excerpts From Joe Roubicek’s New Book in Progress: “KILL MOM, KILL DAD; Disposing of the Elderly for Profit

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Special Guest, Joe Roubicek

December 9, 2012

5:00 PST…6:00 MST…7:00 CST…8:00 EST

Author of : “Financial Abuse of the Elderly; A Detective’s Case Files of Exploitation Crimes”

Joe Roubicek has investigated over a thousand exploitation of the elderly crimes over the past 25 years, primarily during his 20 year career with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. In 1994 he testified before the Florida House and Senate to improve laws designed to protect the elderly and he contributed to the writing of Florida Statute 825.103: Exploitation of an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult.

Joe also contributed directly to statewide training of law enforcement officers and APS investigators through the accredited Florida Department of Law Enforcement and university of Miami advanced training courses.

Joe has testified as an expert in both criminal and civil courts, and has been a keynote speaker on exploitation crimes throughout the country.

In 2008 he published the book, “Financial Abuse of the Elderly; A Detective’s Case Files of Exploitation Crimes,” which serves as an educational tool for the public and class textbook for university criminal justice courses throughout the country.
Joe’s present project is titled, “KILL MOM, KILL DAD: Disposing Of The Elderly For Profit,” and the first few chapters are being posted on his website: www.

Joe is presently the economic crimes investigator for the State Attorney’s Office 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

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Author Joe Roubicek Guests This Sunday Night on T.S.Radio

December 6, 2012

Joe Roubicek, author of “Financial Abuse of the Elderly: A Detective’s Case Files of Exploitation Crimes” will be a special guest this Sunday night (12/9) on T.S. Radio to discuss his newest book, “Kill Mom, Kill Dad: Disposing of the Elderly for Profit!”

The new book, a work in progress, is an expose providing a panoramic view of the devastation and corruption of exploitation crimes that even seasoned criminal investigators are unaware of.

5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST
NASGA will post a direct link to the show on Sunday, 12/9, so you can listen to it live!

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