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Trial begins for Utah chiropractor accused of bilking the elderly

September 25, 2013

In a flurry of papers, instructions, medical advice and fleeting hope, several elderly patients said the West Jordan chiropractor they trusted to take care of them instead collected their financial information and defrauded them of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Their stories were all similar: Elderly patients suffering from diabetes or thyroid conditions who wanted a cure, who wanted to believe that Brandon Babcock, 38, could help.

“When you’re old and you’re poor and you’re desperate, you’ll do anything if you think it might help,” said Elsie Breault, 77. “I saw [Babcock’s] ad on television. It said he could stop diabetes. That he would talk things over with you and it would be free.”

He is charged in 3rd District Court with 10 counts of exploitation of a vulnerable adult, a third-degree felony, along with communications fraud, a second-degree felony. He faces prison time if he’s found guilty of any of the charges.

Babcock appeared in court wearing a white collared shirt and pink tie and sat quietly as his former patients — who ranged in age from 61 to 84 — took the stand to testify.

Consistent in their testimony was the hope, confusion and fear they felt in turning to Babcock to help with their medical maladies.

According to charging documents, potential patients were initially treated to a free gourmet dinner where they were shown video testimonials and given information about the chiropractor’s “diabetes breakthrough.”

When they expressed interest in the program, some said, Babcock and his staff duped them into signing up for credit without their knowledge or consent. Others said Babcock refused to refund their money despite a 30-day opt-out guarantee and a promise for 100 percent satisfaction.

“How much did that free consultation end up costing you?” the prosecutor asked Breault.

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Trial begins for Utah chiropractor accused of bilking the elderly

DPS sergeant fired for ‘dishonety’

August 16, 2013

Aug 15, 2013 5:09 p.m.

A Department of Public Safety Sergeant has been fired after more than 15 years on the job.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves says Sgt. Terry Lincoln has been fired for dishonesty.

Officials say her termination is linked to an on-going criminal fraud investigation with the Payson Police Department.

Payson Police Chief Donald Engler said Lincoln has been under investigation since 2011. Investigators are looking into potential financial abuse of vulnerable adults.

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DPS sergeant fired for ‘dishonety’