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>Exploition Convictions Help Raise Awareness

April 7, 2011

>After pleading guilty to exploitation of a vulnerable adult, former certified nursing assistant Cheryl Ann Porter was sentenced March 21 to five years of supervised probation, was ordered to provide more than $25,000 in restitution and received a suspended sentence of three to seven years in prison.

Possibly most importantly, Albany County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Bohling said, was that Porter would now be registered with the Department of Family Services as someone who has exploited a vulnerable adult and is no longer licensed as a CNA.

“We had 10 other counts charged, but basically they were facets of the diamond. This was the jewel,” he said. “It’s been my position in this case from day one with her defense attorney that what she is truly guilty of is exploiting a vulnerable adult. I wanted a conviction for that charge, and I was not prepared to settle for anything less.”

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Exploitation Convictions Possible, Serve to Help Raise Awareness