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Woman Who Was in Coma Has Her Bob Seger Concert Wish Come True

April 20, 2013

Evie Branan, 79, woke up out of a coma and her one wish was to see Bob Seger in concert. Thursday night, that wish came true.

Branan has traveled down the road less traveled, but Thursday night her final destination was a wish come true.

“We just want to jump up and down!” said Jennifer Hickey, Branan’s nurse.

Hickey has been by Branan’s side for six years, after Branan suffered a massive stroke. Since that day, Branan’s lived at Willowbrook Manor Nursing Home in Flint. She was in a semi-coma, not able to communicate, until May 7, 2011, when Hickey said she watched a miracle unfold.
“One day, after she had fallen out of bed and hit her head, she started talking to us, like she had some sense,” said Hickey.
And the first thing out of Branan’s mouth is something Hickey said she’ll never forget.
“My first words, and I can’t figure it out, but I said ‘I want to go to a Bob Seger concert,'” said Branan.

On Thursday night, nurses helped Branan powder her face and look great, because that wish, with the help of the nursing home and Bob Seger’s management company, came true.

And when Bob Seger took the stage, the 79-year old showed her night moves better than a 29-year-old would. To watch Branan’s face light up made the night magical.
“A dream come true,” said Branan. “Never give up on yourself, and anything you think you can do, you do it.”

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Woman Who Was in Coma Has Her Bob Seger Concert Wish Come True