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Tonight on T.S. Radio: Movement to Reform Predatory Guardianships

August 4, 2013

Marcia Southwick will join the show this evening to discuss the growing movement to demand an end to predatory guardianships facilitated by probate courts.

Elderly individuals who have committed the new age crime of aging with assets are systematically targeted by greedy and immoral characters whose only interest is looting the estate.

70% of any real wealth in the US is owned by people over the age of 60.  This wealth is being redistributed to the predators at an estimated rate of over 3 billion per year.

Virtually kidnapped, isolated and many times forcibly medicated to chemically restrain the victim, is common practice so that the predators can obtain access to any and all assets.

Maybe its time for the predators to know what it is like to become prey.

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Tonight on T.S. Radio: Updates on June Guinn and Jimmy Suski with Marcia Southwick

June 23, 2013

Marcia Southwick will join us from New Mexico.

Join us this evening as we update our listeners on the June E Guinn case that saw a major change thanks to the hard work of Linda Kincaid. Also, Jimmy Suski was able to make a call to his cousin. He does not know where he is being held but is being abused. Contact info for Minnesota Senators, governor and State AG to demand an investigation of this case.

Listeners are invited to call in with questions or comments.

 5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST

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Judge quits to avoid discipline

June 14, 2013

Alamogordo jurist faced actions over alleged incompetence

SANTA FE – A state district court judge in Alamogordo has resigned to avoid possible disciplinary action by New Mexico’s highest court for alleged misconduct and incompetence in his duties.

District Judge William Brogan resigned Friday under an agreement approved by the state Supreme Court, which released a copy of its order on Tuesday.

The Judicial Standards Commission had started disciplinary proceedings against Brogan for violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct since 2011, including repeatedly failing to follow rules for handing criminal cases.

The commission said the judge “failed to maintain competence in the performance of judicial duties” or was “unable to perform judicial duties competently and diligently.”

The judge required guidance from court staff and attorneys because of his lack of understanding of basic courtroom procedures, the commission said.

Other examples of the alleged misconduct included “failing to be fair and impartial,” improperly completing sentencing forms and “failing to devote adequate time to judicial duties by not scheduling hearings except emergency hearings on Friday and by not allowing hearings to be scheduled after 3:30 p.m.”

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Judge quits to avoid discipline

New Mexico District Judge William Brogan Resigns Following Allegations of Misconduct

May 31, 2013

A New Mexico judge has agreed to resign and never be a judge again, following allegations of misconduct.

District Judge William Brogan of Alamogordo is accused of repeatedly failing to follow the rules for criminal cases in the last two years.

The judicial standards commission said brogan required guidance from staff and attorneys because of his lack of understanding of courtroom procedures.

The commission had begun disciplinary proceedings against brogan, when he agreed to resign.

The state Supreme Court agreed with the agreement.

Judge Resigns After Alleged Misconduct

NM Judge Naranjo Suspended

April 25, 2013

According to the disciplinary order issued by the New Mexico Supreme Court, Naranjo is suspended without pay for 90 days, effective Monday, April 22, with 60 days deferred on the condition he successfully completes the supervised probation term imposed by the court; formal mentorship for the remainder of his term as magistrate, which will begin when the Supreme Court appoints a mentor; and a National Judicial College online course, “Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground,” which he will attend at his own expense.

The disciplinary order states the 60-day deferred suspension will be automatically imposed if Naranjo violates any term of the stipulation agreement and consent to discipline filed in the Supreme Court. It also states Naranjo shall immediately and permanently resign from office if he causes a notice of formal proceedings to be issued in any matter while he is on probation.

Judge Naranjo Suspended

Elderly Pets Homeless When Senior Goes Into Nursing Home

April 24, 2013

The photo of two boxers, huddled together on a bed, desperately trying to find comfort in one another, is heartbreaking in and of itself – knowing the reason that the senior dogs are at this animal control facility makes the situation all the more sad.

The dogs, Chilee and Molee, were surrendered to the Albuquerque, N.M., Animal Welfare Department facility by their elderly owner who was moving to a nursing home.

Undoubtedly, this was a devastating and difficult for the dogs’ guardian. Equally devastating is the sadness and confusion that these beautiful dogs are left with.

Chilee and Molee do not realize why they were left at an unfamiliar kennel – they have no idea if their person is coming back.

All these dogs have right now are each other.

Please take a moment to network Chilee and Molee’s information with the hope that it reaches a person who wants to adopt them, or a rescue agency who is able to take them in.

Elderly Guardian Goes to Nursing Home; Two Senior Dogs Go to Animal Control

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Elder Abuse: NM Passes "Baker Act"

March 17, 2013

Join us this evening as Leonie Rosenstiel returns to up date us on the passage of New Mexico’s version of the “Baker Act”.

This law in tandem with the new DSM 5, will enable the labeling of any individual as “mentally ill”. The DSM 5 contains 292 fictional mental disorders for which there is no medical test, no science, and no evidence that the disorders exists other than they said so.

This bill will be used to target, incarcerate and hold hostage elderly individuals with assets. The holding period will be used to create what most likely will be fictional disorders that will allow the granting of predatory guardianships and will open the doors to the looting of the estate. All to benefit the ward, of course.

B 271
Sponsor: Mary Kay Papen
This bill will facilitate the theft of estates, especially to those who are elderly w/assets, in New Mexico. The bill gives blanket access to estates via the labeling as mentally ill, those who own the estates.

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Tonight on T.S. Radio: Legislation Expanding Human Trafficking of the Elderly

February 24, 2013

Our guests this evening will be Leonie Rosenstiel and Marcia Southwick.   

New Mexico is reviewing several bills regarding guardianship. At issue this last week New Mexico bill SF 112 which would have expanded the grip of predatory guardians beyond death for a minimum of six months. Opponents suggested that the way this bill was worded also required that any will or trust that was set up had to be tested in court before being declared valid. They said it was treading on territory that properly belonged to the Uniform Probate Code. If passed, it would provide a field day for attorneys creating will contests among family members.

Opponents of the bill said the guardian should not notify only relatives known to him/her, that anyone doing the notification should comply with the requirements of the Probate Code.

There wasn’t a vote to table the bill and mark it up for a vote. Sen. Ortiz y Pino said he was willing to sit down with two of the attorneys on the Senate Judiciary Committee and try to address the issues.

5:00pm PST …6:00pm MST …7:00pm CST8:00pm EST

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Tonight on T.S. Radio: Guardian Abuse: Laws Protecting Predatory Guardians

February 10, 2013

This evening we will be focused on upcoming laws in New Mexico that will make legal (not lawful) the grip of predatory commercial fiduciary’s one year after death of the elder victim. Evidently this law is needed in NM due to the predators inability to loot the total estate prior to death in many cases.

Leonie Rosenstiel will join us from New Mexico to talk about the ongoing efforts in that state to legalize the theft of estates by “commercial guardians” and to allow New Mexico family and probate courts to continue holding secret meetings which adversely affect the targeted victim. These secret court proceedings are used to violate the rights of the victim and the extended family.

5:00pm PST … 6:00pm MST … 7:00pm CST … 8:00pm EST

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NM Lawsuit: Partner Enabled Exploitation

April 29, 2012

Relatives of a former Santa Fe resident declared unable to handle her affairs want her partner to turn over half their joint assets.

Carol Anderson and Judith Shackelford, who lived together for 12 years “with short periods of estrangement,” registered as domestic partners in California and lived in Santa Fe until last year, according to a petition filed in state District Court on Tuesday.

It says the couple owns a house south of Santa Fe (valued by the county assessor at $789,290), a business called Shackelford Associates, two automobiles, a recreational vehicle, other assets and, until recently, a Merrill Lynch account worth $400,000.

In September, Anderson “sent more than $240,000 to persons she had not met who promised to pay her large prize winnings,” says the petition for restitution and division of jointly owned assets. “These funds were expended with the knowledge and active assistance of Judith Shackelford.”

In October, it says, a Santa Fe judge declared Anderson “lacked capacity to enter into contracts or other business” and appointed her relatives Adam Anderson, Alice Wheatley Anderson and Tamara Strachman as guardians and conservators of her estate.

“Subsequent to the appointment,” it says, “Carol Anderson moved with the assistance of Judith Shackelford to Alton, Illinois, without authorization and contrary to the direction of the guardians and conservators. …

“Based upon Judith Shackelford’s history of knowingly acquiescing to the financial exploitation of Carol Anderson, the property and funds held by Judith Shackelford are not likely to be maintained for the future support and maintenance of Carol Anderson.”

The lawsuit asks a judge to order Shackelford to return to the conservators one half of the value of the couple’s assets and to pay attorney fees and expenses.

Full Article and Source:
Lawsuit: Partner Enabled Exploitation