NM Judge Naranjo Suspended

According to the disciplinary order issued by the New Mexico Supreme Court, Naranjo is suspended without pay for 90 days, effective Monday, April 22, with 60 days deferred on the condition he successfully completes the supervised probation term imposed by the court; formal mentorship for the remainder of his term as magistrate, which will begin when the Supreme Court appoints a mentor; and a National Judicial College online course, “Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground,” which he will attend at his own expense.

The disciplinary order states the 60-day deferred suspension will be automatically imposed if Naranjo violates any term of the stipulation agreement and consent to discipline filed in the Supreme Court. It also states Naranjo shall immediately and permanently resign from office if he causes a notice of formal proceedings to be issued in any matter while he is on probation.

Judge Naranjo Suspended


2 Responses to “NM Judge Naranjo Suspended”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Interfered in a family matter before another judge.

  2. StandUp Says:

    New Mexico? We're hearing more and more about this state.

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