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"It’s Time to Let These People Be"

October 29, 2009

The parents of a southern Minnesota teenager who once fled the state to avoid chemotherapy went before a judge Monday and asked for the court’s role in the case to end, saying they are following the advice of doctors and making sure their son gets the best medical care.

Daniel Hauser, 13, is undergoing radiation treatments for childhood Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He finished chemotherapy in early September, and his father said there is no sign of cancer.

“In all reality, he’s been in remission for quite some time already,” Anthony Hauser said in a telephone interview Monday. “I hope he stays in remission — that’s No. 1. And hopefully we can live our lives normally again.”

During a hearing in Brown County District Court, Judge John Rodenberg said that as long as no new issues arise, he would close the case after Daniel completes his 12 recommended sessions of radiation — which are expected to end Nov. 6, according to Joseph Rymanowski, an attorney for the parents.

“It’s time to let these people be. They’ve been through enough,” said Rymanowski.

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Minnesota Family Wants Court Out of Son’s Cancer Case

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