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Guardianship Abuse is a Global Problem, Says Denise Brailey of the BFCSA Australia

November 8, 2013

Denise Brailey and The Banking & Finance Consumers Support Association (BFCSA) is an organization that everyone should be watching, as in the American Revolution of Independence, Denise will soon be firing “The Shot that will be Heard Around the World”.

But this time it won’t be from 13 rouge colony’s of the Crown, this shot will be fired from Australia and have ramifications Worldwide as she aims directly at the heart of Global Financial Cartels that have used there power to Corrupt our Politicians and have destroyed the lives of so many Worldwide.

To say Denise Brailey is a remarkable women would be an understatement and she has managed to strike fear into the heart of the beast, exposing the Global Banking System for what it really is and how intertwined and interdependent via cross ownership they are.

When I said that we have an problem with “Institutionalized Elderly Abuse” I meant it and the message is not lost on Denise as she is fully aware of the danger the 800 Pound Gorillas are to the Wealth of the  Greatest Generation, the Boomers and their children.

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Bankers and Finance Consumer’s Support Association, Inc.

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October 5, 2013

This is an over whelming story of the Watts’ family’s fight to seek justice with supporting evidence against a Bendigo Bank Manager (Christine Frankham) who used her position and trust to take advantage of their elderly mother, Yolanda Hutton.

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Bendigo Bank (Christine Frankham): This will not go away!!!

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Georgia Banker Accused of Financial Exploitation

May 31, 2013

Police say Wells Fargo personal banker is accused of stealing about $10,600 from an elderly customer’s account.

Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones says Daniel Araujo befriended a 90-year-old bank customer and asked her to sign what she thought was a transfer slip from her checking to savings account.

Jones says the form was actually a withdrawal slip.

The bank says it’s cooperating with police and the customer won’t suffer any loss.

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Atlanta Bank Employee Accused Theft, Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Person

Bank Employee Accused of Bilking Elderly Customer

May 7, 2013

A Murrieta man who allegedly defrauded an 88-year-old woman “out of a large sum of money” when he worked at a Temecula bank is behind bars, police are reporting.

Don Leon Foster, 35, was arrested at his current place of employment, Chase Bank, located at 1810 University Drive in Vista, according to Riverside County jail records.

The Temecula Police Department has been the lead agency on the investigation. According to Sgt. Kevin McDonald of the department, investigators began looking into “a potential financial elder abuse case and developed evidence that an 88-year-old female victim was taken advantage of by a bank employee in Temecula and defrauded out of a large sum of money.”

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Murrietta Man Accused of Bilking Elderly Temecula Bank Customer

TX Man Turns Himself in After Elderly Woman Notices $100K Missing

April 23, 2013

A man turned himself in after an elderly woman reported nearly $10,000 missing from her bank account.

Brandon Scott Smith, 41, was charged with theft of $20,000 or more but less than $100,000 from an elderly individual, a second degree felony.

In January, Smith’s step-grandmother, a Kempner resident, reported to police that funds had been taken from her bank account and she suspected Smith, police said.

A police investigation concluded that $90,988.81 was transferred to his account via the Internet, police said.

Smith was released from the Lampasas County Jail on $5,000 bond.

Lampasas Man Turns Himself In After Elderly Woman Notices $100,000 Missing

Bank Worker Charged With Bilking Indiana Elderly

April 14, 2013

Federal embezzlement charges have been lodged against a bank worker in Greensburg, after two elderly customers reported that their accounts had been drained.

Michelle Wagner, a customer service manager for Fifth Third Bank  branch in Greensburg, is charged with taking money from two victims’ accounts between July 2010 and December 2011.

Federal investigators accuse Wagner of pocketing more than $344,000 from the victims’ accounts, after having promised to write checks and pay their routine living expenses using the money from their accounts. Investigators said the victims never authorized her to take money for herself.

For the first victim, agents said Wagner started issuing cashier’s checks and withdrawing cash from the account, totaling $128,404.

Agents said Wagner cashed in numerous certificates of deposit belonging to the second victim, adding up to $171,686. She is also accused of withdrawing $44,829 from the victim’s other accounts, from which she was supposed to be paying the victim’s bills.

A spokesperson for Fifth Third Bank in Indianapolis did not respond to a request for comment.

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Bank Worker Charged With Bilking Indiana Elderly

Former Banker, 98, Testifies Against Secretary Accused of Stealing $1.3 Million From His Checks

January 13, 2013

Ninety-eight-year-old William Salomon climbed gingerly from his wheelchair into the witness stand in federal court in Newark today. As he struggled to reach the raised seat, the concerned-looking judge asked the frail man whether he would be able to make it up to the stand.

“Ooooh yes,” Salomon quickly called out.

Moments later, Salomon — who’d traveled from his home on Park Avenue to be at the first day of a bank and wire fraud trial — began answering questions from Prosecutor Evan Weitz.
Yes, he’d started working in 1933 at the Salomon Brothers bond-trading house in New York, a firm that would later become a highly profitable investment bank of world renown. And, yes, his father was one of its founders a century ago.

From the witness stand, Salomon also identified the woman seated at the defense table as Karen Febles, his former secretary from 2000 to 2011. Febles, a tall, blond 48-year-old, is accused of stealing about $1.3 million from Salomon, over the course of five years, through brazenly depositing into her own accounts the cash from checks he’d entrusted to her.

“There’s no reason to have a personal secretary if you can’t trust her,” Salomon testified today, when asked by Weitz whether he was careful in overseeing Febles’ check writing. Then, asked directly whether he trusted Febles, he also said, “I certainly did, implicitly.”

Former Banker, 98, Testifies Against Secretary Accused of Stealing $1.3 Million From His Checks

Banks Can Help Defend Elderly Against Scams

November 17, 2012

Banks and other financial institutions are an important line of defense against scammers seeking to defraud the elderly, but too often tellers and branch managers are not trained to recognize the warning signs, says a Government Accountability Office report issued Thursday.

The study, which looked at programs aimed at fighting fraud that targets the elderly in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York, said that out of misguided concern they might breach federal privacy laws, banks and other financial institutions are sometimes reluctant to share information with agencies that work to protect older people from financial crimes.

“Banks are well-positioned to recognize, report, and provide evidence supporting investigations,” said Kay E. Brown, director of Education, Workforce, and Income Security at the GAO. “However, many social-services and law enforcement officials we spoke with indicated banks do not always recognize and report exploitation or provide evidence needed to investigate it.”

The report was released at the outset of a hearing Thursday before the Senate Special Committee on Aging in Washington on efforts nationally to combat elder financial abuse.

It comes one year after the indictment of Philadelphia lawyer Michael Kwasnik by a New Jersey state grand jury on charges of stealing $1.1 million from a Cherry Hill widow who had hired him for estate planning and to manage her money.

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Banks Can Help Defend Elderly Against Scams