Georgia Banker Accused of Financial Exploitation

Police say Wells Fargo personal banker is accused of stealing about $10,600 from an elderly customer’s account.

Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones says Daniel Araujo befriended a 90-year-old bank customer and asked her to sign what she thought was a transfer slip from her checking to savings account.

Jones says the form was actually a withdrawal slip.

The bank says it’s cooperating with police and the customer won’t suffer any loss.

Full Article and Source:
Atlanta Bank Employee Accused Theft, Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Person


3 Responses to “Georgia Banker Accused of Financial Exploitation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bankers are mandatory reporters too.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    WARNING Predators and their Prey: My elderly parents were targets of their personal bankers husband claiming to be a financial advisor appeared without warning or notice at the front door of my parent's house in the evening telling them his wife "M" their personal banker sent him to 'help them with their financial matters'. Bank personnel giving cconfidential bank information from bank records to others. My parent's did not open the door; they told him to go away, they don't want or need anyone's help. They knew survival 101 DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO ANYONE. Beware eyes are everywhere.

  3. Mary Jane Says:

    Watch out for bank employees. They have access to vital information that can easily be used to exploit.

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