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9 Investigates central Florida legal guardians

July 27, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. — Legal guardians are entrusted with the protection of central Florida’s most vulnerable residents, but a three-month Eyewitness News investigation has uncovered over-billing and neglect complaints in the statewide guardianship system.

Investigative reporter Christopher Heath has combed through hundreds of pages of documents and learned there is little oversight of professional guardians. He also found out why those working to change the system are running into opposition that stretches all the way to Tallahassee.

Mae Williams, the mother of one ward requiring the care of a guardian, talked to Heath.

“She was real sick, and they got the head man in the place to put her in the hospital,” Williams explained.

Williams’ adult daughter had been living at a Maitland nursing home when she became ill, but her court-appointed guardian wasn’t only unavailable to make a decision for her care, she was out of the country.

The family began a letter-writing campaign, pleading with the court to remove the guardian.

Channel 9 obtained the correspondence sent to Ninth Circuit Court officials. Eventually, the guardian resigned.

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9 Investigates central Florida legal guardians