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Gary Harvey Series: In Darkness & Isolation

March 11, 2013

Gary Harvey of “warehoused scenario central”, New York, is living in an inexcusable isolation! What visits this man is allowed are limited, restricted and supervised. Permission must be obtained to even touch him. A kiss on the cheek must also be approved by the authority now deemed in control of his very existence. An authority that seems to enjoy toying with the lives and emotions of those they can control and the friends and loved ones that have dared to challenge or question their decisions, behaviors and directives.


Chemung County, New York, supposedly cares for its wards, even the ones they claim not to want, but then fight desperately to keep. Their decisions are always in the best interest of those wards, right? (That’s what they say anyway.) This then makes one wonder why they would hesitate to make sure the eye care that Gary Harvey gets is top-notch (they certainly aren’t paying for it) and to stay on top of what might be an eye problem in the making or a condition getting worse.

Gary Harvey suffers from a traumatic brain injury. That’s true. However, no one knows how far he could come along, if he were to receive therapy and stimulation, such as having frequent visitors who are allowed to touch him and give him a kiss on the cheek, just because giving him a kiss on the cheek might be a gesture of affection he is needing. No one knows and it seems like those in control — simply don’t care.

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Gary Harvey Series: In Darkness & Isolation

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