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‘The Truth Squad’ Tonight!

September 23, 2012
Linda Kincaid will be co-hosting this show.
Our guest  tonight is Diane Wilson, daughter of Dorothy Wilson. Jim Fargiano will also be joining the show.
Dorothy Wilson died of loneliness and despair after being put under a guardianship and isolated by a predator guardian. Once inside Bristal Assisted Living, Dororthy’s estate was billed $53,000 for one month. Then on to Meadowbrook where she was isolated from family and friends. Next came Maria Regina Nursing home after Dorothy had an unnecessary surgery.
During these events, Dorothy Wilson’s home was mortgaged, her personal possessions given away to those who cooperated with the predator, her car included. Abuse was documented, as well as the failure of the predator to provide required financial reporting documentation to the probate court.

 All of this was reported to the New York State Judicial Commission, a commission which did absolutely nothing to protect the life of Dorothy Wilson.

Dorothy Wilson, Stolen by New York Guardian

Stealing David

September 18, 2012

David Fettgather is a young man with Down Syndrome. He was stolen from his family and put in board and care in 2005 by corrupt Alta Regional Center. They profit from taxpayer money by holding him captive. Family hired a Guardian to intervene for David. But the Guardian who also profits from David’s captivity, colluded with Alta. David Circle of Support was founded to help David and other victims of Regional Center and Guardianship abuse.

YouTube: Stealing David

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Listen to David’s father, Dr. Robert Fettgather, discussing David’s situtation on “The Truth Squad” radio with Marti Oakley and her co-host, Linda Kincaid. David has been isolated from his family and friends for more than seven years with no real and plausible reason given as to why.

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The Truth Squad: Vulnerable Adults Targeted by Predatory Guardians

"The Truth Squad" TONIGHT!

September 16, 2012

Join us this evening as Linda Kincaid, Elder Advocate, and Dr. Robert Fettgather, discuss the use of psychotropic drugs in massive doses used to render elderly and disabled adults, chemically restrained. Many times these drugs are used simply to render the victim incompetent and unable to function.

Also joining us will be Ginny Johnson, whose father, a WW2 veteran became the victim of a predatory guardian.

5 pm Pacific
6 pm Mountain
7 pm Central
8 pm Eastern

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Tonight on "The Truth Squad"

August 5, 2012

Linda Kincaid and Chris Murphy continue their discussion on abuse by public guardians in Santa Clara County and San Joaquin County, and several other California counties, and the repeated violations of legal instruments, statutes, civil rights and regulations regarding treatment and care of the elderly ignored by public officials.

Every public official listed below has been sent a special invitation to join the broadcast. In the event the invitation is received too late, or, the official is unable to participate Sunday evening, we have offered each and all of them equal time at their convenience.


* CA State Assembly Member Jim Beall likes to brag about his concern for elders, and represents Gisela Riordan’s (victim) district. Emails go to his assistant, Sunshine Borelli. (No assistance offered)

* State Senator Joe Simitian also brags about protecting elders, and he represents Gisela’s dstrict. Emails for Emails for Simitian go to Tyler Haskell. (No assistance offered)

These public officials have been repeatedly contacted concerning elder abuse and not one has acted to protect the elderly from predatory guardianship:
* Supervisor George Shirakawa:
* Supervisor Mike Wasserman:
* Supervisor Dave Cortese:
* Supervisor Ken Yeager:
* Supervisor Liz Kniss:

TS Radio: Officials Fail to Protect the Elderly From Abuse

>’The Truth Squad ‘ Begins Weekly Series on Guardian Abuse

February 3, 2011

>Join us Tuesday evenings at 8:CST to discuss the growing issue of Guardianship Abuse.

People across the country have had to face the unethical and immoral appointment of total strangers as guardians over their family members life, assets and medical treatment. These individuals have no connection to the patient and in most cases, no concern for their ongoing health and treatment. Guardianship amounts to giving another person ownership of another. The law is used to steal money, assets and anything else of value from the vulnerable client. Once the assets are depleted…the patient no longer has any value to the guardian. What happens then?

In the debut show, Sara Harvey updated Marti and Barb on her battle to save her husband.

The Truth Squad: Episode Notes

Note: The Truth Squad series on guardian abuse will air every Tuesday night at:

6:00 pm PST
8:00 pm CST
9:00 pm EST

>Sara Harvey on ‘The Truth Squad’

December 20, 2010


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What happens when the state steps in and takes custody and control of an adult? Does the family have any rights? What if the custody was the result of shoddy medical treatment? This is one womans story about how poor medical care and her efforts to care for her critically ill husband resulted in the state taking possession of her husband. And what are they doing for him?