This is an over whelming story of the Watts’ family’s fight to seek justice with supporting evidence against a Bendigo Bank Manager (Christine Frankham) who used her position and trust to take advantage of their elderly mother, Yolanda Hutton.

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Bendigo Bank (Christine Frankham): This will not go away!!!

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37 Responses to “Bendigo Bank (CHRISTINE FRANKHAM)”

  1. Bendigo Banksters Says:

    This is a classic case of Elderly Financial Abuse by a Guardian/Guardians that actually degenerated into much, much worse situation.The Bendigo Bank has NOT been forthcoming with the truth or information in relation to this matter to date, despite there appears to be at least two victims and Ms. Frankham is still employed by the Bendigo Bank.The NSW Guardianship Tribunal appointed both Christine Frankham and a Paid Caregiver Susan Bogaard as Mrs. Hutton's Guardians and Financial Managers, this was done in complete contradiction to the NSW Guardianship Act as neither where eligible people to hold such a positions under the Guardianship Act.As usual there is a highly suspicious Attorney (Solicitor) involved Peter Hedley Wood, just as are seeing here in the USA. The question needs to be asked is the Bank Protecting Ms. Frankham who had a huge conflict of interest or is the Bendigo Bank protecting it's self and the system of an intertwined Financial Industry with the whole Guardianship and Trustee Industry.Fortunately the suspected perpetrators left a treasure trove of evidence behind, which as we know is highly unusual and an opportunity that must be capitalized on by the Police and other Authorities both State and Federal.The is just the tip of the Iceberg in what is becoming obviously a Worldwide problem, that is trying to be swept under the rug by Financial Institutions and Governments alike.

  2. Bank Vitims Says:

    We have investigated many cases of Bank Fraud both here in Australia and in the USA, this one must be on of the worse that we have come across in the way of human terms yet. With none of our team being able to get to the bottom of it, we know that the bendigo bank has something to hide but we just can't figure out what it is and why.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It's happening globally.

  4. Bewareofbanks Says:

    My nemesis in guardianship abuse was a bank. They liquidated my loved ones stock accounts and re-invested them in low paying, low maintenance accounts —– in their own bank. And of course, that was A-OK with the judge as was everything the Bank/Guardian did.

  5. StandUp Says:

    I guess what gets me most of all is how rampant and bold this type of elder abuse is and yet the perps (in this case the bank) goes on with business as usual.It's ridiculous and certainly outrageous!

  6. Norma Says:

    Praying for this family and all the families of guardianship abuse.

  7. Bendigo Banksters Says:

    Rarely do we have such a well documented case of Elderly Financial Abuse that also appears to have been the gateway to other forms of Elder Abuse being perpetrated, as we do in the case of Yolanda Hutton who was a Customer of the Bendigo Bank and a client of Christine Frankham.We also appear to actually have the prima facie case against the Bendigo Bank and its Management for aiding and abetting Christine Frankham and in turn her co-conspirators, this is a prime opportunity that appears to be lost on Attorney General and Minster for Justice Greg Smith to use existing laws to prosecute these perpetrators.The failure to prosecute Christine Frankham and her co-conspirators, including the Management of Bendigo Bank would be a lost opportunity and a Travesty of Justice, Attorney General and Minster for Justice Greg Smith is turning his back on Seniors and the 47% of the Electorate of Mandatory Voters that supported his Party in the last State Election.As Seniors and Retiree Associations start to look at this case and ask the question of why was there not an arrest and why the old excuse has been used of the victim being too old or too ill to make a good witness for the stand is still being used to fail to protect Elderly Senior Victims, the present NSW Government and its Ministers of Parliament (MP’s) should be worried.The people of NSW and Australia should be asking themselves who owns there Government, is it the People or the Banks and Financial Institutions and with the next election for NSW less than 18 months away the pendulum of politics can swing the other way, as confidence in the present Government and the Criminal Justice System heads in the opposite direction.

  8. honeybear Says:

    The greed is everywhere.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    An unethical guardian can do so much damage without anyone being aware since they do not have to give a detailed accounting to the family.

  10. Finny Says:

    This report was well done and clearly unmasked the culprits.

  11. Jason Says:

    Keep up your strength, Watts family. Don't ever give up!

  12. Sam Says:

    I bet Christine Frankham's Mother would be embarrassed and disappointed in her daughter if she saw this video.

  13. Mary Says:

    Banks have deep pockets and they will use them to cover up their wrongful actions. Never, ever give up!

  14. Mary Says:

    This just looks like old fashion Bank Fraud to me, there is nothing that a Bank won't do to cover up their tracks.

  15. Tony Hutton Says:

    Words can not express how much the Hutton-Watts Family Appreciates all of the support that the NASGA has shown towards us and our Battle with Injustice, Discrimination and Corruption.This is just one case amongst millions worldwide of Elderly Financial Exploration and Guardian Embezzlement or Abuse, that happen each and ever year.We all need to fight them until "Hell Freezes Over, then we will Fight them on the ICE", because if we don't it will never stop and the problem will only get worse as time goes by.

  16. adam Says:

    The family really appreciates your comments. this situation is terrible and the Bendigo bank and Christine frankham need to be held to account.

  17. Amanda Says:

    I can't believe what I have just seen on the video and read on the website, what is wrong with this bank here in Australia, Frankham should have been fired on the spot and arrested by the police already..???

  18. Mike Says:

    This is just no way to treat seniors the poor elderly old lady was in her 90's with Alzheimer dementia, the daughter and son-law are in there 70's.Don't they have bank examiners in Sydney, Australia to go though the bendigo bank books..?? or Senior citizens should be withdrawing their money out in protest if not for their own safety against this bendigo bank.Really every body involved here that has been victimized is a senor citizen and the bendigo bank must either have absolutely no moral ethics or no brains.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    It's a shame that elders, and that will include every one of us If we're lucky…are taken advantage of. It's about making money at any cost never mind true customer service.I am verry sorry to read this happened and hope it works out for everyone involved.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    This is egregious. As a "person of trust" in my worklife, this Yolanda Hutton situation is the exact case that you work to avoid. These are the people to PROTECT. Granny would not be proud if I acted like this!! Where are the banking regulators, securities regulators, and senior advocates??

  21. Shirley Says:

    The exploitation of our seniors and retirees here in Australia is just out of control, this is just yet another case and now you can add bank managers onto the list of criminals.She must be making the Bendigo bank a fortune for them to protect her, I guess it is all about money before morals now with the banks.Bank managers where respected people in Australia once but not now, just because it is a white collar crime doesn't make it any better than a blue collar crime.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I might just be an old veteran but what's a bank manger doing borrowing $10,000 for a veterans widow and then demanding $40,000 from her nephew or she will contest the will. She should have been given the sack just for that and the police called in then. Now there is an even bigger mess to deal with and God only knows if there are others that had no family at all.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I just got this link via an email from a friend and I have to ask do we have a National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse here in Australia ?Because we sure need one with our Guardianship Tribunal System is just not working and out of control.You are doing a great job there in America and its a big problem here in Australia too, thank you for covering this and I feel so bad for the family my prayers are with them.Sally

  24. Davo Says:

    These Banks are unbelievable they almost crashed the world economy with their subprime loans and lie about it to cover their tracks and then this happens with old people. There like attorneys, they are always covering for each other and I would like to shake the persons hand that came up with the term Bankster it describes them just perfectly.I honestly hope the watts family get some answers and justice, that might be a good start to stopping this sort of thing from happening again.

  25. Mareea & Max Watts Says:

    Thank you everybody for your wonderful messages of support.Apart from the financial manipulation of Yolanda Hutton the worst aspect of our sordid story is the appalling neglect of Yolanda by the illegal Guardians-Christine Frankham & the paid carer Susan Bogaard.We have documentary medical evidence to prove this fact.On 21/05/2011 we had to contact Police to gain access to Yolanda's house as the locks had been changed again(at Yolanda's expense)by these 2 evil women.Yolanda was in a deplorable condition when we found her on the floor & she had to be taken by ambulance to Mona Vale Hospital.Frankham & Bogaard were handed Guardianship by the completely incompetent NSW Guardianship Tribunal without any consultation with the family.We intend that those responsible (including the NSW Guardianship Tribunal & Bendigo Bank) will be held fully accountable for their deplorable & deceitful actions & for being complicit with Frankham & Bogaard.Mareea & Max Watts.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I watched this video a couple times now and still can't believe that Ms. Frankham has no heart of what she has done too the Hutton-Watts Family. Locking out family members out of the house (Changed the locks) so they couldn't get in to she her is mind blowing. The abuse that Ms. Frankham has done too Ms. Hutton can't be said in words. This elderly woman that was disable and put her trust in someone. That one person took complete advantage of her for almost everything she had. This is a unbelievable act that she has done and justice will always win. One thing Ive learned in this short life i lived is that karma is a bitch and Ms. Frankham for what you have done you got bad karma all over you. When this is said and done you'll why you treat your elderly with respect and don't abuse them. Because if it wasn't for them we would be where we are today.All my prays go out too the Hutton-Watts family on this and I know justice will win. Thanks too all the supporters that has stand beside the Hutton-Watts family's too bring her DOWN…

  27. JustAnotherVictim Says:

    Banks and Attorneys, they really are the lowlife of our country and it doesn't look to be any better Down Under either.My father had a similiar problem with a bank manager when he had demintia and the bank wouldn't disclose anything to us either, the cost of suing them was just too much and the stress to great.I wish the Watts family wella d you wil be in my wife and my prays, somebody needs to get the SOB's.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I just woke up this morning and after making myself a cup tea, I opened my email to find that an old friend of mine from the boating industry had sent me this link to my email and was SHOCKED.I knew the Hutton brothers Paul and Carl, it must be about 40 years ago when they owned Hutton Yachts and I had the pleasure of meeting their father Stan who was one of nature’s true Gentlemen. I had never meet the brothers mother Yolanda or their sister Maria but I am sure that there as nicer people as Paul, Carl and Stan, I am just amazed that this could happen in Oz and we don’t need to have people like this Bendigo Bank Manager Frankham being around seniors when she should be in jail.I hope the cops get her and anyone else involved in this, with the Magistrate giving her and anyone at the Bendigo Bank that knew about this a very long holiday in Long Bay Jail.Malcolm

  29. Patty Says:

    This is just plain wrong for a bank to do this ethically, morally and I bet legally, I can’t even imagine what this poor family has been though or how they have managed to hold it all together. You have to admire the Hutton and Watts Families as they seem to not only have weathered the storm, they are putting up a fight that I am sure the Bendigo Bank wishes it had not started in the first place. The bank could have stopped its manager years ago and called in the police themselves then, now look at the mess they have made of it. Not only have they let down an old lady that was disabled with dementia and that is hard enough for a family to deal with, but they have even made it harder on the family and keep on making it harder on them.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    My deepest condolences go out to the Hutton / Watts family. As I get older and go on with life, I swear nothing amazes me, but the way people ALL around the world have problems with elder abuse, and the worst part is that it happens right under the families nose, and by people and institutions that each and every one of us trust on a daily basis. The worse part of it, our government doesn't really have Anything in place to protect such innocent victims. Please keep up the fight, for your win is a win for more than just your mother. Hopefully if you scream loud enough, someone in Government, and Bendigo Bank will sit up and notice. What amazes me also is that a main financial institution,such as Bendigo Bank could back and protect someone such as Christine Frankham, especially considering that she had the same type of problem at another well known financial institution and was relieved of her responsibilities there. To me that would be a sign of guilt without verbally admitting guilt. Being Bendigo Bank I would want to settle this and put as much distance my bank from Ms.Frankham as quickly as possible so that my Bank wouldn't go down with the Christine Frankham Ship. By not looking into this or responding to the family, doesn't that bring the thought of what else is this bank hiding, above and beyond this case. Good Luck, and all of my positive thoughts go to the family. Kitten

  31. Anonymous Says:

    This absolutely appalling behavior for a bank and the bank manager just disgusts me…!!!!!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    They wonder why we don't trust the banks any more, this is a prime example why we don't.

  33. Darlene Says:

    Why would anyone continue to put their money and trust in Bendigo Bank after all their dishonest, cruel and deplorable treatment of their elder, long time customers! In the United States, we have the FDIC which insures the customers deposits and investigates the banks dealings. My brother worked as a review examiner for 30 years and found much curruption and fraud. Many U.S. banks closed due to this – although the depositers money was protected up to a certain amount (which was changed to a higher amount – I believe in 2008). That said, elder abuse still goes on in all areas and in private or public long term care. Making this public, as the Hutton family is doing, is a positive step in putting a stop to the elderly and the disabled being abused and taken advantage of today. Keep working for the best, honest and caring treatment!!

  34. Charles Says:

    Good luck getting any information out of the bank, it obvious that they have something to hide otherwise they would have given you everything you needed long before this….!!!

  35. CorruptBanks Says:

    Bank Corruption in Australia looks to be as bad as Bank Corruption is here in America now, man looking at this they might be even worse down there than here.

  36. Scotty Says:

    It's such a shame people would take advantage of an elderly women, as especially a bank manager.It's even worse when it happens to one of my own best friends mother, stay strong Tony we will talk tomorrow night.I really wish I knew what was going on in some peoples minds.Then again, I may not want to know.

  37. BFCSA Says:

    The Power of Social Media is starting to show it's strength, with the BFCSA in Australia now picking up on the Bendigo Bank Christine Frankham story.The battle for Justice continues with the true media websites like the BFCSA giving updates and other information, this helps to keep the people informed of what is really going on.While empowering people to be able to make informed decisions, based on the truth and not Banks or Financial Institutions Propaganda.The greatest tool we have in our Arsenal is the Truth via Social Media and the greatest fear that Guardianship Abusers have is to be exposed 24/7 by these Watch Dogs.Tony

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