Recommended Website: Financial Abuse of the Elderly


In a sentence, Florida’s exploitation law (FSS 825.103) states that when someone maliciously takes the property of an “elderly person,” they are committing exploitation. That’s the essence of the law.

But there is also an important requirement: Within this law, an “elderly person” is defined as someone 60 years of age or older who is suffering from the infirmities of aging to the extent that their ability to adequately care for and protect themselves is impaired. The law states that the elderly person must suffer a physical or mental infirmity. Therefore, exploitation is based primarily on infirmities or disabilities and not deception.

This is why exploitation is not fraud and why it can be much more devastating and offensive. Fraud is generally defined as deception that is carried out for the purpose of achieving personal gain while causing injury to another party. Exploitation requires more than that. It requires that the victims suffer disabilities that make them more vulnerable. And when the victim is more vulnerable, the victim impact is far worse.


Read Excerpts From Joe Roubicek’s New Book in Progress: “KILL MOM, KILL DAD; Disposing of the Elderly for Profit


9 Responses to “Recommended Website: Financial Abuse of the Elderly”

  1. Betty Says:

    Joe Roubicek is the best!

  2. Hannah Says:

    I agree, Betty. And I heard him guestig on T.S. Radio. He's very knowledgable and quite a guy!

  3. tvfields Says:

    The example set by FSA 825.103 is NOT being followed in at least some other states. Will Joe identify in his writing those states, including Ohio, where legislation which would have adopted this code has been introduced and defeated? Will Joe go beyond this to provide details about how authorities in these states have responded when this deficiency in their codes has been brought to their attention?Meanwhile, it is clear to me that FSA 825.103 cannot make the difference which at least some of us want and/or need without laws that ensure evidence is collected and judged in a forensically-reliable manner. Joe knows this. Will Joe address in what he writes how evidence is NOT being collected and judged in a forensically-reliable manner? Will Joe address the legal reforms which are needed to ensure that evidence is collected and judged in a forensically-reliable manner? Finally, Joe recently recommended a specific lawyer in a radio interview. This recommendation concerns me. Why? Because I contacted this lawyer and shared with him the 3-minute video which ABC News broadcast and presents online at To this lawyer's credit, he correctly responded “The video of the sleazy lawyer at the will signing is so classic they it should be shown in law school under the caption of This is not the right way to get a will executed." However, when I asked this lawyer to explain to me what is the “right way” under the circumstances depicted by the video, he declined to respond, although he did disagree with the “right way” which I’ve described and express his opinion that "Finally, and I think this is important, the legal system works". Doesn’t Joe know any lawyers to recommend who appreciate the defects in our legal system about which we complain and who would be willing to work with us to bring about the legal reforms that are needed to correct these defects?

  4. StandUp Says:

    When's the new book coming out? I can't wait!I read the first book and I learned alot. Thank you, Joe, for sharing your expertise with us at NASGA.

  5. Sylvia Says:

    The new book will shock many people into reality based on real cases presented by an expert carries heavy weight and credibility.Looking forward to having this book displayed proudly on my book shelf.Joe Roubicek is a shining star his heart is in the right place and he puts his efforts and talents to good use on a daily basis advocating for those who truly have been silenced through premeditated death – homocide.

  6. Joecitizen Says:

    Oh, thank you for the comments. New book later this year and chapter 3 will be posted on my website in late January…. Did you know that the FDA warned congress in 2007 that they estimated 15,000 elderly nursing home patients were being killed annually by second generation antipsychotic drugs?…I'll bet that if autopsies were standard practice, the mortality rate would have been significantly higher.It's a good chapter coming up!

  7. Finny Says:

    Joe, the anti psychotics are really the biggest killers aren't they? I agree with Sylvia, this new book will shock people into reality.I've read chapters 1 and 2 and can't wait for Chapter 3!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Tom is asking a question we're all asking. I think it's unrealistic to think we can satisfy his request including Joe who isn't a miracle worker:"Doesn’t Joe know any lawyers to recommend who appreciate the defects in our legal system about which we complain and who would be willing to work with us to bring about the legal reforms that are needed to correct these defects?"

  9. Harry Says:

    Mr. Roubicek, I have heard big pharma knows their profits will far outweigh any fines, so they accept fines as the cost of doing business.

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