Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey

It seems the tortured imprisonment of Gary Harvey in Chemung County New York, will never end. Mr. Harvey who suffered a head injury as a result of a fall in his home seven years ago, has been a real cash cow for not only the hospital he is confined to, but also for numerous agencies, attorneys and predatory guardians. As long as Mr. Harvey can be owned and controlled by the predators, his safety, welfare and general overall health will continue to deteriorate. But there is money to be made! And Mr. Harvey has been a virtual ATM for those who continue to hold him hostage.

Mr. Harvey has been billed more than 1 million a year in medical and rehabilitation costs billed to his wife’s insurance. Much of this was for rehabilitation services that never occurred. State agencies and agents are availing themselves of Mr. Harvey’s social security checks, and any funds supplied by the Veterans Administration along with Medicaid funds. You can see it is not in the financial interests of the predators involved to release Gary from his imprisonment.

To understand just how vindictive, how callous and vicious these individuals can be, please note the letter received shown below. Keep in mind this is Sara Harvey’s husband who is being abused here, and this letter is in regards to his birthday visit from his wife:

P.O. BOX 588
ELMIRA, NEW YORK 14902-0588
(607) 737-5403 FAX (607) 737-5500
TO: Theresa Duffy, SJH and CIS
FROM: Elizabeth Beckwith, Adult Services
RE: Gary visitation
Deretha Watterson, LCSW-R Kellie Lowman

Commissioner Children and Family Services

During Gary’s visit today, 2/27/13, Sara Harvey is permitted the following actions:

  • Kiss Gary two times on the cheek

  • Hold hand under the following conditions:

  • Hands are visible at all times by the monitor (CIS staff person and camera).

  • Sara’s hand should NOT be moving at all when holding Gary’s hand.

Please note that the above two actions shall only be permitted under the above conditions. IF Sara deviates at any time during today’s visit from these stated expectations, then all touching should stop immediately.

These permitted actions cease at the end of the visit today.


Mrs. Harvey has waged a never-ending battle to not only free her husband from this horrendous abuse, but most times just to have access to her husband. Visitation occurs only under the supervision of an armed guard and a nurse. Most times she is not allowed to touch him or comfort him in any way. She is not allowed to take pictures of him in his chronically deteriorating condition to document the abuse and neglect this man has suffered at the hands of predators who operate under the protection and facilitation of the probate courts.

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Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey

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37 Responses to “Chemung county continues persecuting Sara and Gary Harvey”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Appaulling, where is Gary Harvey's attorney? What are the Senator's, congressman, and legislator's doing allowing this to happen.Does the harrassment, abuse and torment ever end?

  2. David Says:

    Where the hell is Mr. Harvey's attorney? Because he is disbaled and unable to speak he is treated like a material object, something you flush down the toilet.If it were a child being treated this way CPS would be all over you.But how can Mr. Harvey defend himself or his wife when the problem arises within the local politics? Government intrusion in family matters is beyond boundries of their duty. Tax payers have to pay for this? They contribute to the treatment Mr. Harvey receives…………How sick does that get!!!

  3. Stewart James Resmer Says:

    I am disgusted by the notion that government and the courts can, and have, taken such reprehensible actions in order to not just come between a man and his wife's relationship, but at the same time sending them the bill for these repeated and oft cited unprecedented domestic intrusions and serial alienations of affections.Mr Harvey looks ever much the strapping strong healthy man and we can only wonder what he must be thinking, and what anger and resentment he must silently harbor knowing what is going on?The problem here of course is the virtual lock the courts have in matters like this where Mrs Harvey is the wage and insurance slave, while at the same time she has no seat at the table when it comes to determining Mr Harveys destiny.The notion that such repressive authority over individuals with a callous disreard for civil liberties even exists to begin with should be repugnant to all Americans, revolts and revolutions are the stuff of the likes of these transgressions by the courts that we read here day in and day out in such examples!Let those of us that pass this way resolve and affirm that the struggle to free and rid ourselves and our communitees of such tyranny and financial exploitation at the hands of the self serving callous bad actors in governments, courts, and institutions shall not, will not, tolerate and abide long trains of abuse in silence.We have miles to go and deeds to do before we rest, let the word go out, let the canyons echo our refrain. this shall not stand, and that reform is our demand!On this there will be no compromise here.

  4. Thelma Says:

    To Cindy and David:The lawyer for Gary was court appointed – a member of the Tag Team – and has done nothing to protect Gary.

  5. Sue Says:

    Just like the article says that no one under guardianship whether they can speak or not don't matter. The victims and their family has no rights to challenge the decision makers, has no standing nor do they are not allowed access to the courts.

  6. Sam Says:

    Your right Thelma and what does one do when they have a court appointed attorney such as Kevin Moshier who knows darn well what is going on, he reads isn't that right Frank Costello?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What is sick is that you don't have standing while your loved is a live but you do after they die.WTF????

  8. StandUp Says:

    How absolutely arrogant and cruel Chemung County is to Gary Harvey.

  9. Nancy Says:

    Shame on you, Chemung County. You wouldn't put up with being treated the way you treat Gary Harvey. Shame on you.

  10. Phyllis Says:

    PERSECUTING is right. It's disgusting.

  11. B Inberg Says:

    Who is the author, the dictator of these heartless demands?When I read unAmerican demands such as this on government paper paid for by the TAXPAYERS – hey that's you in New York, I am ashamed to say I am an American land of the free and home of the brave.Land of the free until guardianship hits an innocent person and this is the result of how Americans are enabling the tormentors who are dishing out the harmful treatment of their Veterans. KARMA to all involved because you earned it and deserve to get back what you are dishing out under color of law.Gary's best interests are not a consideration – so quit the BS lying – Gary would be totally against his guardianship team causing him inhumane cruel treatment punishing him to life in that lonely room, to go without frequent visits, the loss of loving human touch from his wife Sara.

  12. Mike Says:

    There is no way Chemung County can justify this insanity.Sara Harvey can't move her hand while she'd holding Gary's? Why not? What is moving her hand going to do for crying out loud?Chemung County should resign and hang their heads in shame.

  13. Christi Says:

    All this in a Catholic Hospital. I guess that's what bothers me most. I would like to think that we could all breathe a sigh of relief that if we were in a Catholic Hospital, at least Christian values would be followed. There is nothing Christian in Chemung County's treatment of the Harvey family.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I am amazed that these criminals calling themselves public officials/public servants have put their demands in writing. THe tactics are the same… GUarded Visitation …no touching, no photos, no audio… NO HUMANITY, WHATSOEVER. These official "criminals" are getting BOLDER. It is, however, THE PERFECT CRIME. Protected under so called "judicial immunity" & any other immunity devised by THE BAR assn. that is "above the law", by their very own DESIGN.

  15. Betty Schueler Says:

    One of my friends had a terrible time, with the government and her husband's caretakers, when her husband fell and was put in a nursing home. I learned from that experience and we no longer have anything for the government to extort from us. This recently saved us from enforced placement in a nursing home. When they found out we didn't have any assets the socisl worker decided we didn't need to go to a nursing home after all.

  16. Sara Harvey Says:

    Oh they claim to be christians, some even Catholic. but it is who they worship as their God what bothers me the most. It certainly IS NOT the God my husband and I know who loves his children and treats each one in kindness, love, forgiving and compassion.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    This is insane or I guess better said is Chemung County is insane.Why doesn't the judge stop this?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    My heart goes out to Sara and Gary.Obviously this letter restricting Sara is an immature slap in the face, in retaliation for the speaking out that Sara has done on behalf of her husband.I hope and pray that these criminals, as well as others like them throughout the country, are brought to justice.My mother is a victim of the Cook County Probate Court (Chicago), and she is not alone. Other elderly adults, as well as children, are being financially exploited at the hands of the judges on the 18th floor of the Daley Center. Many families do not speak out, for fear of retaliation….as can be seen in the Gary Harvey case.This must come to an end. Sara and Gary are in my prayers, as are many others as we seek justice.

  19. texasprobatevictim Says:

    Sara is a strong good person who loves her husband. She has displayed her love and devotion, in campaigning for his best interests, which are not being served by an arrogant probate court. Nothing but retaliation. Same here in texas. They all go to the same workshops and learn the same evil, facilitated by the same judges and lawyers.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Why isn't Gary's wife allowed to decide where he stays and who cares for him? She is his wife, it's her insurance and her husband's care. She needs to get her insurance agent to act on her behalf, her attorney, the Elder Abuse council and anyone else who will help. I can't believe she isn't allowed to just move him out of there since they are still married.

  21. Kim Says:


  22. Anonymous Says:

    What a Racket.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It would take a REVOLUTION to move these perpetrators from their positions, and prosecute them for civil rights violations.Has such a lawsuit been attempted? would be interesting to see how the feds would react in such a case.

  24. Diane Says:

    It is all in the hands of MHLS The appointed attorney for Gary Harvey who should be acting on behalf Gary. However, The appointed MHLS state actor Kevin Moshier is opposing Bobby Schindler. Why? Call him and ask why? He knows the animosity between the county and Mrs. Harvey and it certainly is NOT in Gary Harvey's "BEST INTEREST" for the county to Home: (607)-733-9496 Work : (607)-271-9262Call his boss deputy director David M. Levine and tell him what is going on with his employee DLevine@courts.state.ny.usWork:(518) 474-4453 or the Director of MHLS Bruce S DixBDix@courts.state.ny.usWork: (518) 474-4453

  25. Finny Says:

    I am so happy to see this letter publicized. It's all over Facebook too. Let them be exposed to the world for what they've done to Gary Harvey. They can't talk their way out of this.

  26. Sara Says:

    Next week Bobby Schindler and me are doing an interview regarding this matter….stayed tuned….

  27. Anonymous Says:

    This is tragic, unbelievable. I am so sorry Gary and Sara Harvey have to endure such tragedy

  28. kathy Says:

    Is this really America… sounds more like a third world country!These people are nothing more than criminals… They need to be exposed every single one for this abuse to Gary and Sara Harvey.

  29. Scott Says:

    How can a human being with a heart and soul be this cruel to another? Poor Gary Harvey…

  30. Anonymous Says:

    It is my hope that the Mothers of each and every one of the laywers and the guardian in this case see this letter. Shame on these people.

  31. Rudy, a person who sees the point of everything Says:

    It is clear regular citizens do not understand the value and intellectual set being employed by the probate courts and its fiduciaries. So, it is up to me to explain it.We again see the old stand-by, "the behavior (unspecified) of the grown children, spouses, etc., necessitates "our" restricting visitation, actions and speech during visitation." Just think, what "could" happen if Gary Harvey's wife moved her hand while holding Gary's hand? And two kisses on Gary's cheek is the absolute limit. Three kisses are "abuse." This should, but has apparently not resulted in an analytical courtroom discussion, discussing the logic of this "rule." For instance, some questions need to be asked. Are the first two kisses considered abusive kisses, if, and only if, there is a third kiss? That is, will a third kiss automatically turn the first two kisses into "abusive Kisses," by the addition of a third kiss? How much "lip pressure," during a particular kiss, needs to be discussed, as well? And someone needs to measure the relative emotional pressure to give a person another kiss, after the first kiss, and again after a second kiss. Blood pressure of both the kisser and the kiss-ee, after the first, second, and a third kiss needs to be measured. This "could" be a "proxy indicator" of potential damage to the circulatory and nervous systems, causes by multiple kissing. All this "measuring," could become very expensive, to the estate, so the simple solution is to just limit kissing to two kisses. Now, that is a definitive intelligent, educated, excuse for restricting actions during "visitation," if ever I heard one. I won't even get into the germs that can be exchanged by the holding of hands, and the opportunity to magnify the germ exchange problem, and the potential for increased blood pressure, if one person actually moves the hand, during the holding of hands during this phase of an interaction. Remember, very penny that goes to investigation, is a penny that does not go into fiduciary and judicial pockets.

  32. Sue Says:

    These people deserve KARMA 10 fold and eternal fires of hell for the intentional harm they are causing Gary Harvey forcing him to live without human touch, without compassion, love and affection from the woman he married Sara.Do you hear us? Gary is married!!! He has a wife!!! Shame only affects people who are human. Are these people all there? Do they have capacity to 'feel' anything? What fuels them? Power and control?Heartless? yes. Sadistic? yes.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Rudy it sure sounds like you are justifying these heartless peoples actions. Your no help!Thanks a bunch! NOT

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Where is the "humanity?" Common sense? Compassion? We all need to pull together and raise the funds needed to get Gary a PRIVATE LAWYER. One who is NOT AFRAID to take on what is in the best interests of him AND his wife.Another thought. Where IN HELL does politics fit into all of this? In ending, Gary is a HUMAN BEING who just happened to be injured. The best thing for him is be able to go home and let his wife take care of him PERIOD

  35. Thumbelina Says:

    How long is this abuse going to be allowed to continue?

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Makes me sick to my stomach to hear how horrible these people are…..obviously they lack any type of conscience….

  37. Mary Waddell Says:

    Dear Sara, Keep on spreading this over the Internet. And also get in touch with Catholic bishops and both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, people you know are honest. Mary Waddell625

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