Tonight on T. S. Radio: Gary Harvey’s Birthday Bash, as per Chemung County

Join us for a show sure to boil your blood!

Gary Harvey celebrated another birthday in his room (prison cell) at St Joseph hospital. His wife was told she could “kiss him twice on the cheek” and could “hold his hand” as long as her hand remained absolutely still…….otherwise….these special privileges would cease immediately.

Special privileges? A wife kissing her husband? Holding his hand? And these are special privileges?

Chemung County should be forced to register the Case of Gary Harvey as a “for profit” venture. Gary has been a virtual cash cow for everyone who has their fingers in his case.

We have been following the tragic case of Gary and Sara Harvey for several years now. Gary, who suffered a head injury seven years ago in his home, has been held for ransom by Chemung County, New York. Also tapping into the case of “Gary Harvey–All for profit venture!” are numerous attorneys, probate judges and others all connected to the same law firm! What a coincidence!

5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST

LISTEN LIVE or listen to the archive later!


4 Responses to “Tonight on T. S. Radio: Gary Harvey’s Birthday Bash, as per Chemung County”

  1. Diane Says:

    Have to beg to hold and kiss your own government. That is exactly like divorcing. That is what the appointed attorney has done to his client.There is no equal protection in these situations or any ward that the county has complete control over. There are no safe guards or check and balances when your elected officials don't act.

  2. David Says:

    What a title Gary Harvey's Birthday bash and so it was.Saddly though the bashing was on Gary Harvey and it is always his punishment, he suffers for having a wife who advocates for him. The county may like Mrs. Harvey but surely they could treat Mr. Harvey better and quit retaliating against him because his wife if fighting for him.What do they want her to do keep her mouth shut? become one of them?Like it and shut up! NOT!!!!Government intrusion at it's best.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I bet Mr. Harvey's attorney does not even know about this letter.If he did, then why on earth is he not all over these control power freaks?If he didn't then he needs to know.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What is wrong here? Ni one listens ir does anything about it.

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