What Say You, Kevin Moshier?

Tragically, Gary Harvey of Horsehead, NY fell down the basement stairs in January of 2006 and received a traumatic head injury. The Gary Harvey case haunts me, Kevin Moshier. Does it ever haunt you?

Do you ever wonder, as his court appointed attorney and simply as a human being, if Gary actually knows what is going on around him, but merely can’t let others know? What if he does, Kevin? What if he knows everything that has been said to him or around him? What if he feels everything? What if he feels desperation when his needs aren’t adequately met and when he has to fight still another infection? What if he feels the isolation and misses the once frequent visits of the wife he so loves? What if… Kevin Moshier?… what if he is actually a human being, who once laughed and planned and thought tomorrow would be one day closer to his future plans and dreams? What if he still isn’t done hoping for a better tomorrow?

What if he needs your help, Kevin?

Will you help him?

Full Article and Source:
Carrie’s Take:  What Say You, Kevin Moshier?”


13 Responses to “What Say You, Kevin Moshier?”

  1. StandUp Says:

    It's time for Kevin Moshier to put himself in Gary's shoes…how would he feel if he never saw his wife again? That's what should be in his mind and his heart.

  2. Summer Says:

    Praying for you Gary Harvey and hoping that Kevin Moshier will rise to your defense.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don't count on Kevin Moshier to do anything…he has been silenced since he nominated the county. He would never admit he made a mistake.

  4. Finny Says:

    These are the words everybody is thinking. What about Gary for crying out loud? What about what he wants? He wants his wife and he should have the comfort of her presence unfettered.

  5. Sylvia Says:

    Gary and Sara are husband and wife. Sara belongs at Gary's side. Mr. Kevin Moshier needs to look at his life and how he would react and respond if someone was the cause of a forced separation.Would he walk away and accept the situation? Or would Kevin Moshier come out fighting?Gary's life was forever changed. To punish Gary by denying him contact with the person he chose to love and cherish til death do they part is immoral, inhumane and cruel.A guardian needs to act on behalf of and in the best interest of his ward. Gary would fight back with all of his powers, if he could. Now it's your turn Kevin Moshier to view Gary Harvey as a human being, a person who is trapped in isolation, he is aware when Sara is near him. Gary needs to sense her presense, hear her voice, fell her touch.

  6. Ashley Says:

    Do the right thing for Mr. Harvey, Mr. Moshier.Now is your chance.

  7. Norma Says:

    May God have a talk with Kevin Moshier's soul tonight and he then do the right thing tomorrow for Gary.

  8. Betty Says:

    Yes, may God guide Kevin Moshier to do the right thing tomorrow and also the judge.Gary Harvey has nothing left but a few hours of sunshine when he sees his wife. To take that away from him would be cruel and inhumane.

  9. David Says:

    I bet we all know what Kevin Moshier's Mother would tell him to do if she knew what was going on in the Harvey case!

  10. Kendra Says:

    Do it for Gary, Mr. Moshier. Try to think how you'd feel if you were him and you weren't allowed to see your wife.

  11. Ben Says:

    If it doesn't haunt everyone, it should.

  12. Thelma Says:

    Let's see if Moshier has a soul.

  13. Sara Says:

    Mr. Moshier never showed up…nor did the 2 people who wanted to end the visits, the appointed guardian or Dr. Corbalan.Where do you suppose they were?

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