Tonight on T.S. Radio: Death By Medical Neglect – Why My Mother Died

Our guest this evening will be discussing the medical negligence, misadministration of medical procedures including dialysis, and the inability of staff to concern themselves with the care and attention she should have recieved St. John Macomb hospital.

As a result of dialysis supplies being unavailable routinely at St John’s Macomb Hospital, Nancy, who was trained to give her mother dialysis treatments, was forced to supply the necessary items herself.

On the evening of March 6th, I received a call from my Mothers roommate telling me that the nurse could not figure out how to do the dialysis and when my Mother asked her to call me, the nurse told her no. I had the roommate put the nurse on the phone and I told her if you don,t unhook her she could get infected, she was hooked up for 45 minutes, when it should have taken only 20 minutes. She told me she was not risking her job and was keeping my Mother hooked up until the Doctor called.

” I had one nurse write in the chart what had happened, so it would not happen again. I watched the nurse write it and put it with the records.”

My mother had developed peritonitis and they started her on antibiotics…they said.  But the nurse had lied, they were giving her Dilaudid every 2 hours until 3:00. After 6 hours peritonitis is deadly.  They were also administering HALDOL……not approved for use on the elderly.

They have on the records they had given her the antibiotic but I don’t know if she actually ever got it.

She passed away on March 12, 2010. I knew they had done something to her, when a women came up to my sister and I and told us that my Mother had been septic for days and not one person told us. When we recieved the medical records after her death, Dr. Kinner wrote in things that never happened.

There is much more to this story. Please tune in and please call in with questions or comments.

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3 Responses to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Death By Medical Neglect – Why My Mother Died”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is horrible with what these people get away, when it comes to the care of an elderly person.eb

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It is horrible with what these people get away, when it comes to the care of an elderly person.eb

  3. chopwoodcarrywater (@LIZABETHTAVORMI) Says:

    This is similar to what was done to my 79 year old mother. The only recourse I have had is to sue the hospital and nursing home and I can’t because I do not have the funds, nor the mental capacity to do so, it has devastated me to the point that I cannot even think about what happened and it’s been 4 years. Truly a crime was committed yet they don’t seem accountable for their mistakes. I did request her medical records and they redacted all evidence of their negligence. I demanded an autopsy and cause of death revealed exactly what she was NEVER treated for. I call it negligence and murder when a patient’s health risk is ignored and left untreated by medical professionals. It happens every day and gets swept under the carpet.

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