Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia

Since euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002, Belgians have been euthanized for blindness, depression, anorexia nervosa, and a botched sex-change operation.
Now, Belgians want to allow euthanasia for children.
Under legislation currently being debated in the Belgian Parliament, terminally ill or suffering children under 18 could be euthanized if they request it, their parents consent to it, and an expert deems the child capable of understanding their decision.
The bill is widely supported and is expected to become law.
‘Kids Never Choose Death’
Supporters of Belgium’s proposed euthanasia law say it is necessary and compassionate, but critics say it is only the next phase in what they call “a culture of death.”
Euthanasia is now considered medical therapy in Belgium.
Not only do two-thirds of Belgians favor the new euthanasia bill, but in a controversial poll, three quarters said it would be OK for parents to euthanize their sick children without the child’s consent.
“The child does not have the maturity to get married or to buy alcohol or to buy cigarettes if he is 14. Now we are saying that because he is suffering, he might have the possibility to ask for euthanasia,” Carine Boucher, with the European Center for Bio-ethics in Brussels, said.
Michel De Keukelaere, a law student and the founder of the March for Life in Brussels said, “Children never choose to die. I don’t believe a child under 18 who is sick and who is ill wants to die.”
“Who will give the suggestion to the child that one of the solutions is euthanasia?” Boucher asked. “A child doesn’t know what euthanasia is. A child doesn’t know what death is.”

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Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia


5 Responses to “Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia”

  1. Thelma Says:


  2. Clarise Says:

    Oh my gosh, this is horrible!

  3. B Inberg Says:

    This is so shocking OMG no words to express my first thoughts except God is crying. I will say this BEWARE this is an example of government messages to change the moral character, mindset of their citizens to accept murdering those who do not measure up.This is happening in USA and I imagine other countries to the adults especially those under the control of guardianships.Is there a financial gain? YES YES YES so stay healthy and productive adding $ to the system when you are no longer able and God forbid you are on Medicare and a recipient of Social Security when you are now taking from the system best to have your own exit strategy in place before someone else including a stranger in the protection industry makes that decision for you.Social Security is in trouble one of the ways to add money is to save money by ELIMINATING THE RECIPIENT.Got it?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    God is crying is a good way to sum it up, B Inberg.The rest of us are in total shock!

  5. Waylan Says:

    Oh my God, save us all!

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