Tonight on T.S. Radio: Ohio and Michigan – Another Toxic Guardianship

Marge Cook has been trying for seven years to gain guardianship of her now, 24 year old grandson.  Originally guardianized at 18, her grandson had suffered the abuse and molestation of his stepfather for years which was never addressed and a subsequent psychological shock.  Now, he is a prisoner in a residential home and his grandmother cannot see him, cannot contact him and doesn’t know for sure where he is even being held at this point.

Orignally held in Ohio, Marge was able to get her grandson transferred to Michigan where she resides.  Ohio had promised that if she took her grandson to Genessee Community Health, guardianship would be transferred to her.  Instead, her grandson was given to a professional fiduciary who immediately had him housed in a residential home owned by Eric McBean.

McBean had been previously cited for illegal imprisonment on his Mill Road Home.  He owns two others and whether Marge’s grandson is housed in one of these is uncertain.

Although Marge has petitioned repeatedly for guardianship of her grandson, Genesee County has refused to even recognize her efforts.  Marge has had to battle Judge Jennie E. Barkey, a judge who has been disqualified and over ruled in several other guardianship cases.

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2 Responses to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Ohio and Michigan – Another Toxic Guardianship”

  1. Dale Kerr Says:

    I live in Ohio and my father is being abused by a forged Power of Attorney paper my father’s wife had signed and handed over to her brother who has been stealing, selling, and abusing my fathers estate and all assets. My father has a survivorship deed on his home and the P.O.A. has sold the home to his son below market value and has his son living in the home at this time. My father rights are being violated and he wants to go back home and live his last days there. I the son am not allowed to visit my father in the nursing home in his own room. The forged power of attorney has filed for guardianship and had a hearing on the 9th of April 2014 and the judge and lawyer I feel are taking bribes from the forged P.O.A The judge has already agreed to grant the Guardianship to the forged power of attorney. I’m the only son who is in Ohio and I’m still being denied my rights to be granted the Guardianship. I requested to the court for a court appointed Guardianship to be appointed by the Probate court and that was denied. Every single thing I tried to ask for was denied or wasn’t heard in the court room. The judge and lawyer are both corrupt and are going for the forged power of attorney. I have asked for help from all sorts of people, Ohio Attorney General office to have this looked into and I’m fighting a losing battle. The Power of Attorney has been using my fathers money for his own personal use buying new cars and giving away all 4 of his cars away to the P.O.A family’s and has sold all his assets. They have thrown all my fathers personal belongings into a dumpster and they had a yard sale to sell all his personal belongings. I don’t know where to turn to for help. I feel that everyone is corrupt in the state of Ohio. I would like to ask if anyone whom reads this comment to please contact me or offer me some way to get this stopped A.S.A.P. or to guide me in the right direction so that I can find help. All the attorneys I have hired have done nothing to help me. Please if there is someone out there that can help me and my father please leave a comment and I will get it Thank you.

    • nasga Says:

      Hi Dale, I’m sorry we just now read your message. Have you seen the Columbus Dispatch reports? We have found media to be the best tool to combat guardianship abuse. Please also join NASGA. Join by going to our main site,, to the “join NASGA advocates for reform” page, submitting the requested information and paying $15 join fee. If you can’t afford the $15, just tell us and we’ll work with you. We have a page on our website called “Victims and their stories” where we can post a profile of your case when you join us,if you like. We get a lot of hits from governmentals and press so a profile is a good start if you’re looking for publicity.

      I’m sorry you’re going through hell and I know how hard it is. Stay strong and keep up your strength for the fight ahead.

      Elaine Renoire

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