Recommended Website: HALT


Improve Legal Access – HALT works to strengthen protections that assure consumers access to accurate and timely legal information and assistance.
Empower Legal Consumers – HALT educates policy makers, the media and the public about the rights of legal consumers, and promotes increased accountability in the legal profession.
Hold Lawyers Accountable – HALT works to strengthen consumer protections against unethical, negligent and incompetent attorneys.
Strengthen Small Claims Courts – HALT publicizes the advantages of small claims courts, educates consumers about how to use these user-friendly courts, and advocates for systematic reforms that increase access to them.



3 Responses to “Recommended Website: HALT”

  1. Thelma Says:

    It is a great outfit.

  2. Karen Says:

    I've never heard of HALT. Thanks, NASGA.

  3. tvfields Says:

    I first contacted HALT 20 years ago. They claimed to have 75,000 members, but when I asked to talk with one of their lawyers near where I lived, they had none with whom they could connect me. More importantly, what has HALT done to stop lawyers from exploiting cognitively-impaired older adults and those with related interests? Has HALT done anything to bring about a law which would trigger the alerts to hospital authorities and others which are needed in situations like that recorded by the 3-minute video which ABC News presents online at

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