Open Letter to the Guardian, Guardian’s Attorney, and Both Court Appointed GAL’s

“Shame on you. Shame on ALL of you. The arrogance and cruelty you have showered upon my mother has reached a new subterranean level by even the subpar standards applied in this guardianship.

You have the gall to allow an eighty-three year old woman to believe she would be able to visit with her ninety-four year old sister today – for a meager one hour visit allowed by the guardian. Then, at the last minute, you pull the rug out from under her? If there was ANY issue regarding supervision, this should have been dealt with weeks ago.

May I remind ALL of you, Judge Connor’s reprimanded the guardian on more than one occasion to be sure that her mother was NOT being isolated or kept apart from her family. You have all had the audacity to allow Judge Stuart to believe that my Aunt is not being isolated, when in fact, you know the opposite is true.

You have been complicit in the viciousness and spitefulness with which a tyrannical daughter has separated her mother from the people whom she loves and cherishes. Your aiding and abetting of the guardian’s actions has allowed her to punish her own mother for crimes unknown, while at the same time inflicting emotional pain throughout what was once a peaceful and loving family.

In your eagerness to have my Aunt guardianized, you erred grossly and placed her with the one person whom she asked to be protected from. It is time you step up to the plate, and do the right thing
As Judge Stuart has said, you are the ‘Eyes and Ears of the Court’, but remember, Judge Stuart is the Supreme Guardian.”

~Kathie Bakken


4 Responses to “Open Letter to the Guardian, Guardian’s Attorney, and Both Court Appointed GAL’s”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This is so very wrong. Life is short. Who knows how short Mary's is going to be. She needs her family.

  2. Steve Says:

    And who is the guardian really punishing?The answer is the ward. SHAME indeed!

  3. Thelma Says:

    Isolation is a growing outrage in guardianship and must be stopped.

  4. Norma Says:

    This is so sad the abuse the guardinship agencies are allowed to do to the elderly. When are our law makers going to stop this. I guess when they know their loved ones will never be subject to this demoralizing treatment and disrespect they do not care to get involved. How can they sleep at night?

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