Former Nursing Home Employee Accused of Stealing over $10,000

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A former nursing home employee is facing charges of elderly exploitation.  Over a span of six months, police said Stefani Bridges stole over ten thousand dollars from an elderly man she was caring for while working at a nursing home near 73rd Street and Northwest Cache Road.

Police said Bridges was authorized to make purchases for an elderly man through the use of his bank card. But police said instead in a string of  transactions, she transferred the money onto her own credit cards.

She vowed to take care of the elderly living at this nursing home. But instead, Bridges allegedly bilked an elderly man of over ten thousand dollars.

Red flags were raised after the nursing home’s Director of Finance was contacted by a bank and was told that a bank account belonging to one of their residents had been overdrawn by thousands of dollars. The missing money was traced back to employee Stefani Bridges.

Once confronted Bridges admitted to her coworkers that she had in fact taken the money. She was able to do it after she transferred money from her victim’s account and into her personal accounts including credit cards.

She used the money to pay off some of her debt and also spent several hundreds of dollars while making her cell phone payments.

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Former Nursing Home Employee Accused of Stealing over $10,000


3 Responses to “Former Nursing Home Employee Accused of Stealing over $10,000”

  1. Thelma Says:

    If the government doesn't set up standards for the nursing homes, they should be sued for permitting such conversions.

  2. Rachel Says:

    It seems there are more and more of these stories in the press.

  3. Luis Says:

    There are more and more of these, but the big bad boys with the court-sanctioned "License to Steal are protected.

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