Tonight on T.S. Radio: Minnesota Courts Sanction Guardian Ordered End of Life

In what has to be a predatory guardian’s wish list come true, the Hennepin County District Court of Appeals, just sanctioned the ending of inconvenient lives on behalf of the guardians.

Claiming in their opinion that the statutes somehow magically indicated that the guardians had this right as an extension of their total control of the victim, was a direct assault on the rights of families and individuals.

After reading the statutes cited by the court and their statements to the effect that they had considered all pertinent statutes, how this court concluded that a guardian had an otherwise unrecognized right to end the life of an individual, is beyond me.

Claiming this decision would be the result of consulting with family members and medical personnel, had to have been a joke. Anyone exposed to the corruption of the probate/guardian system knows that the family is immediately cut out of the picture and is not consulted about anything. In most cases, the family is not even informed of any decisions.

The Court made special mention of the notion that it might be too emotional, or financially a burden for the family, to allow the victim to continue on.

The translation for this is: The estate has been depleted by guardians, attorneys and anyone else who could get their hooks in it. Insurance has reached its limits and Medicare/Medicaid will not pay any more. 14,000 individuals have been placed under guardian/conservator status in Minnesota. The massive transfer of personal assets to the guardian from the estate of the victim, can now be brought to a final end by ending the life of the victim….. without court permission or intervention.

What is YOUR life worth?

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One Response to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: Minnesota Courts Sanction Guardian Ordered End of Life”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Disconnects exist regarding the aims and realities of the statutes, as in the theoretical ways legislators write them vs. the judiciary's befuddled stabs at their practical applications. Instances like this reveal systemic ignorance and dependence of the legislative branch of government and the perverted risk taking of the judicial branch, leaving the executive branch in the trenches to sort out the ill effects. Education is everyone's salvation.

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