Florida State Ombudsman Put on Administrative Leave

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (Consumer Voice) has recently become aware that the Florida State Long-Term Care Ombudsman was put on Administrative Leave: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/30/3532427/florida-advocate-for-elderly-place.html

 Similar articles have been posted in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News and other media outlets. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information about the situation at this time.

These recent events, and the turmoil of the Florida ombudsman program of the past two years, are extremely unfortunate for nursing home residents and other consumers in the state. The Consumer Voice remains very concerned by the lack of stability within Florida’s long-term care ombudsman program and calls on Governor Scott to take action quickly to ensure that all Floridians are afforded full support by the program. Furthermore, as home to the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC), the Consumer Voice is ready to assist the Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program in any way possible.

Florida State Ombudsman Put on Administrative Leave


2 Responses to “Florida State Ombudsman Put on Administrative Leave”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It appears this was long overdue.

  2. Thelma Says:

    I wouldn't appoint anyone from within an industry? Foul play here!

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