"I Made a Small Change"

Tara Wilson

Attorney Tara Wilson of Andover, MA, had many of her own estate planning documents in order. But after her grandmother fell ill at 84 and her relatives disagreed on her care, the court appointed a stranger as guardian, overruling her grandmother’s wishes.

“The guardian kept her from her loved ones, put a reverse mortgage on her house, moved her to a nursing home and squandered her savings. From all this I learned that I needed to name a second and third choice for healthcare proxy and power of attorney, and add a provision to my will that the court is not to appoint anyone else to represent the interests of my children. And I keep my will up to date.”

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“I Made a Small Change”


7 Responses to “"I Made a Small Change"”

  1. Jeff Says:

    How about the court is not to appoint a guardian at all?

  2. Friend Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to have read this short article in Woman's Day magazine in a 'financial tips' column. The implication, however, that proper estate planning will prevent a court from appointing a stranger as guardian, is false.

  3. Diane Says:

    I applied for guardianship to protect my mother from my siblings, but because they fought it the court appointed a stranger instead of the one daughter who loved her. Mary Giordano, an elder care attorney with Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY, destroyed the last three years of my mother's life. After spending all Mom's money, she then kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a nursing home, where she died two months later. This type of abuse is frightening yet it goes on every day all over the country. We need national attention to this problem and my daughter and I are doing all we can to let people know what is really going on. And this type of abuse is done by attorneys to their peers as well. My daughter is an attorney and this was done to her grandmother. In Nassau County, NY, where Mary Giordano has her law firm, there are two attorneys in the same town–one was given guardianship over another attorney's mother and actually denied him visitation. Money…greed….power…ego…? The evil actions of these people are appalling. However, I do believe in justice and I know we will see it soon.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Experience teaches us so much!

  5. lisa Says:

    good reminder. thank you.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Please investigate a conservator/professional fiduciary by the name of Jeffery Siegel. He has been my mother's conservator since 2007. It is next to impossible to remove them. Only way is to expose him through the media. He has many victims and others will come forward if this story is brought out. His office is located @ Jeffrey Siegel 3345 Wilshire Blvd., #601 Los Angeles, Ca 90010 My mothers case is 108879 & LP012546

  7. Marcia Southwick Says:

    Today, the people in or around the'”protection industry” can petition the court, claiming that an elder is incapacitated and needs to have constitutional rights to their assets taken away. The doctor who performs the test, the guardian, and the lawyers work in concert with the judge to turn the elder into a helpless cash cow. Once deemed “incapacitated,” these people can charge the elders estate for their “services” without any monitoring by any entity outside the court. Families lose legal standing to fight back & if they try, the guardian has the right to charge the elder’s seized estate for a defense attorney. It’s the biggest scam in the nation, it’s misuse of the law to steal and abuse elders, and no one talks about it. Family legacies of millions of dollars are “spent down” this way by the guardianship industry.

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