Criminal probe requested in conservatorship case

John E. Clemmons

Citing “incomplete accountings and other misrepresentations,” a court-appointed conservator is recommending that the district attorney general and the TBI open criminal investigations into a Nashville attorney’s handling of a conservatorship.

In a 26-page report filed Thursday in Davidson County Probate Court, Paul Gontarek found that attorney John E. Clemmons paid himself over $370,000 while acting as the conservator of Nannie P. Malone. Court records show that most of those payments were made without court approval.

Malone passed away last year at the age of 81, but her family has filed a civil suit against Clemmons, who is facing criminal charges in a separate case in Rutherford County.

Gontarek was named to replace Clemmons in the Malone case on April 10 after the Tennessee Supreme Court suspended Clemmon’s license to practice law. Probate Judge David “Randy” Kennedy also named Gontarek to take over three other of Clemmons’ cases.

Gontarek said that his review of the four cases showed Clemmons routinely submitted accounting reports that omitted the payments he made to himself. He said some of those reports were “totally fraudulent.”

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Criminal probe requested in conservatorship case

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6 Responses to “Criminal probe requested in conservatorship case”

  1. StandUp Says:

    I am so glad to see this. Now when are we going to see a criminal probe of Judge Randy Kennedy?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hope they lock him up and throw away the key. He needs a long time to think about all the harm he's caused people.

  3. Donna Says:

    Criminal indeed!! And what about those wards who he stole from? What happens to them?

  4. Finny Says:

    I'm glad karma caught up with John E. Clemmons. He is a disgrace to the profession.

  5. Justin Says:

    Throw the book at the bum. And take everything away from him to pay back the victims!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I hope they've frozen his assets so he can pay restitution to his victims.

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