Be on the Lookout: Con Artists Stealing Guardianship of Senior Parents

Senior adults have been targeted as easy victims in a number of different scams for the last two decades now, and it’s only getting worse. Instead of just stealing money from them or ripping them off, con artists are now actually stealing guardianship of many senior adults. Some criminals have figured out that they can assume guardianship of elderly individuals just by telling a judge they are no longer mentally stable.

When approaching a judge, these crooks don’t have to do anything to prove that they are related to the individual they are trying to assume guardianship of. Courts are so busy and over-packed with cases that they just don’t have the time or resources to make sure that the person making the claim is on the up and up. There’s no easy way to find out when this occurs, so family members often have no idea that someone is stealing guardianship of their parents and simply have no recourse in the event that it happens. Usually the ruling happens quickly and the victims have no idea when it happens.

If you have any aging parents, you have to look out for them and make sure they are not victimized.

From September 2007:  Full Article and Source:
Be on the Lookout:  Con Artists Stealing Guardianship of Senior Parents


4 Responses to “Be on the Lookout: Con Artists Stealing Guardianship of Senior Parents”

  1. Donnie Says:

    Scary! We knew we had to worry about the pros, and even our own family, but con artists?

  2. Teresa Says:

    both of my parents were victims…in New Mexico and El Paso Texas..and by my brother and sister's son…court appointed guardian very greedy crooks..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    And where are the guardians ad litem?Oh yeah, scooting along to earn $5000 on the next five minute case.Some law licenses should be on the chopping block. It's the only answer to this pervasive problem.

  4. Ima Says:

    This is great!

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