Shady Practices in Conservatorship

Bryan Rosen’s recent letter to the “Independent” detailing Judge Stern’s startling ignoring of a proper “Power of Attorney,” thereby forcing the use of psychotropic drugs on a person trapped in the court’s Conservatorship program, is only the most recent example of the extensive and repeated corruption of our local court’s management of this system.

I’ve asked the editor of the new Santa Barbara online publication “Mission and State” – which specializes in investigative journalism – to explore this issue. No luck so far.

Full Article and Source:
Shady Practices in Conservatorship

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2 Responses to “Shady Practices in Conservatorship”

  1. Finny Says:

    I'm glad to see someone respond to Bryan Rosen's editorial — it means people are reading and talking about the issue.

  2. B Inberg Says:

    Applause to: Shady Practices in Conservatorship By William Smithers – I see Mr. Smithers get's it. The drugging is used to calm the anxieties, with side effects so more meds are prescribed. If I consumed the meds some of these elderly people are FORCED to take – I wouldn't know my own name or be able to comprehend more than 3 words and that is by intent. Clearly abusive treatment. Meds are mixed in food to ensure the drugging is in effect. Shame shame shame and more than that the drugging along with isolation and restricted visitation for no valid reason needs to be investigated and stopped. As they say stand up and demand reform cause we're next bunky unless we check out before this racket gets us and along with us is our net worth and income. Golden year? Sure your gold for others to unjustly enrich themselves and their pals. That pretty much sums it up.

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