Tonight on T.S. Radio: The Trap of Administrative Courts

Callers are most welcome for this show.

Getting sucked into the administrative court system you will find yourself without any rights, faced with a psuedo-judge who either doesn’t know the law, or who has decided the law isn’t profitable enough for him/her. This is a rigged system where you have no possible way of defending yourself or your loved ones.

Join us this evening as Wayne Barbuto, author of “It’s Not The Law” as he explains the difference between trial by jury vs. jury trial. The difference is huge and has an extraordinary affect on your constitutional rights. Do you know why you should never ask for your “civil rights?” But should ask for your constitutional rights. We will also be discussing “administrative courts”. These are not Article 3 courts created in the constitution. These courts have nothing to do with the law.

5:00 PST … 6:00 MST … 7:00 CST … 8:00 EST

Wayne Barbuto:  “It’s Not the Law”!
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One Response to “Tonight on T.S. Radio: The Trap of Administrative Courts”

  1. Justin Says:

    Good show. I have been listening.

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