Guardianship abuse has serious implications: Study

RIYADH — Men who exercise absolute control over the rights of women are considered one of the detrimental problems facing Saudi society, according to a new study.

This tendency represents the harshest form of injustice against women with psychological repercussions.

Despite the advice of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) to Muslims to be kind to their women, some male guardians hold an uncompromising attitude toward women under their care, be they their daughters, sisters or wives, without any justifiable reasons. Such intransigence demoralizes women and results in the loss of their financial rights, the study points out.

Some women continue to suffer from the abuse of their fathers or brothers who refuse them permission to marry, to work, or even to continue their education.

Some of these guardians may agree to some matters that concern women, but often in return for something. Women are sometimes forced to forfeit their salaries to achieve what they desire.

It should be stressed that in Islam a guardian should not exceed his rights and inflict harm upon a woman.

The judicial system states that if a guardian is abusive, the judge has the right to relieve him of his guardianship.

Fatimah Saleh, an elementary school teacher, said her father was very intransigent and rejected her suitors, claiming all those who had proposed to her were unsuitable. She is now 45 years old, and no one is proposing to her anymore.

After her father died, her brother followed in his steps for the sake of her salary, as she has become an ATM cash dispenser for him.

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Guardianship abuse has serious implications: Study


2 Responses to “Guardianship abuse has serious implications: Study”

  1. StandUp Says:

    The problem is world wide.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Interesting to think of how guardianship abuse must be even worse in countries where women are considered lower class citizens.

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