Linda Kincaid Reports: Modesto elder abuse: Professional fiduciary Laurie Jamison isolates June Guinn

Since 2008, professional fiduciary Laurie Jamison has hidden June Guinn, 88, from her family. Until a week ago, family say they did not know where June was hidden or if she was still alive. Thanks to the efforts of Modesto Police Department, June was located at a home in Modesto, California. Jamison continues to deny June any contact with her loved ones.

As June’s conservator, Jamison is familiar with California statutes governing the actions of conservators. However, Jamison flagrantly violates California’s Probate Code and June’s right to visit with her family.

Probate Code 2352(b) states:

The conservator shall select the least restrictive appropriate residence, as described in Section 2352.5, that is available and necessary to meet the needs of the conservatee, and that is in the best interests of the conservatee.

California’s Handbook for Conservators gives conservators specific guidance concerning visitation. Each conservator is required to have a copy of the Handbook.

When a person becomes a conservatee, he or she does not lose the right to visit with friends or family.  

Do not isolate the conservatee by keeping friends or family away.

June’s daughters and grandson say Jamison ignored their repeated requests to learn where June resided, to visit with June, or to even speak to with June on the phone. In response to that isolation, the Court instructed:

It is further ordered that any visitation request shall be submitted to Laurie Jamison directly via email. The Court has no objection to visitation as long as the time and place are reasonable.

Family say Jamison ignored the court’s specific instructions. Their pleas to visit or speak with June continue to be ignored.

In June 2013, elder advocates also began requesting visits and phone calls with June.
On June 9, this Examiner emailed Jamison, requesting a visit with June.

On June 10, elder advocate Elaine Renoire of the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse (NASGA) emailed Jamison, requesting a visit with June.

Jamison responded to Kincaid and Renoire:

I have concerns around the sensitive and private family dynamics at play in this matter and, in order to best protect Ms. Guinn, I must ask that you remain patient while I vet your request with my counsel. I will respond with further information as soon as I am able.

Jamison did not respond with any further information.

On June 10, Marti Oakley of TS Radio emailed Jamison, asking for a visit with June. Jamison’s attorney, Terry Campbell Wallace responded.

Your comment that many people have become concerned for the welfare of June Guinn is interesting in that none of the family members have contacted Laurie Jamison, either by email or telephone, to request visitation with Mrs. Guinn. Her location is kept confidential due to incidents that occurred in the past. However, visitation by family members can be arranged, and certainly are welcome, by contacting Ms. Jamison.

Wallace’s response is not consistent with family’s experiences of having their pleas ignored for the past five years. Daughters Lynda Lucido and Cheryl Morris both say they have repeatedly phoned, sent emails and certified letters for the past five years, begging to have contact with their mother. Jamison does not respond.


Full Article and Source:
Modesto elder abuse: Professional fiduciary Laurie Jamison isolates June Guinn

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4 Responses to “Linda Kincaid Reports: Modesto elder abuse: Professional fiduciary Laurie Jamison isolates June Guinn”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Great thing you're doing, Linda.

  2. StandUp Says:

    Advocating for others helps us heal from the horror of guardianship abuse!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for standing up for the elderly and not sitting down until the problem is taken care of, Linda.

  4. BAEA Says:

    In addition, let it be noted that Marcia Southwick, a New New Mexico Advocacy Liason for NASGA, has also written to Ms. Jamison on behalf of her website, Boomers Against Elder Abuse, where 17,500 concerned fans are awaiting a response. So far we have received a reply.

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