Ky attorney disbarred over criminal conviction

A Lexington attorney has been permanently disbarred after admitting to taking $631,000 from a client over a 20-year period and another $46,000 in a separate case.

The Kentucky Supreme Court concluded Thursday that 65-year-old Brian P. Gilfedder’s conduct warranted a permanent ban on practicing law. Gilfedder agreed to the disbarment as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in April that resulted in a 41-month prison sentence.  

Gilfedder admitted to taking $631,000 from a disabled veteran for whom he was appointed conservator in 1990. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to stealing the benefits and using them for himself from 1991 and 2011.

In the other case, Gilfedder acknowledged keeping $46,000 paid by an insurance company to four clients after an auto accident.

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Ky attorney disbarred over criminal conviction

2 Responses to “Ky attorney disbarred over criminal conviction”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Thieving lawyers cannot be trusted with client funds. State government should have custody of the funds and require approval of withdrawals by attorneys.

  2. Betty Says:

    How did he go that long without being detected?

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