Medical Groups Accuse Portsmouth Cop of Bilking Elderly Woman

Police Sgt. Aaron Goodwin “knowingly took advantage” of an elderly resident with dementia, and left a photo of himself at her home, in an effort to inherit about $1.8 million from her estate, according to a pair of court motions filed by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Through attorney David Eby, of the Devine Millimet law firm, the pair of medical organizations are asking a Superior Court judge to “set aside” the last will and trust signed by the late Geraldine Webber because, Eby alleges, Webber lacked the competency to endorse them and was under Goodwin’s undue influence.
The court motions allege Goodwin established a “confidential and fiduciary relationship” with Webber prior to her death on Dec. 11, 2012, at the age of 93. Webber was suffering from dementia when she executed a new will and trust transferring the “vast majority of Ms. Webber’s significant assets to Aaron Goodwin, a 34-year-old police officer” she’d only recently met, according to the court filings.
The Sloan-Kettering Center and Shriner’s Hospital for Children were beneficiaries of Webber’s previous will signed in 2009. That will, prepared by Portsmouth attorney James Ritzo, stated Webber’s assets would be sold and, after her bills were paid, one-fourth of the money would be given to Sloan Kettering of New York, one-fourth to the Shriners hospital in Boston, and the other half split between the Portsmouth police and fire departments.
The new and disputed will and trust, prepared by Hampton attorney Gary Holmes, gives those parties $25,000 each, about 90 percent less.

2 Responses to “Medical Groups Accuse Portsmouth Cop of Bilking Elderly Woman”

  1. Thelma Says:

    A ccp?

  2. StandUp Says:

    That's what I was thinking, Thelma, but why not a cop? Greedy people are in every profession.

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