Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse of June Guinn by Modesto, California Conservator

Stanislaus County Court records (Case Number: 387352) show June Guinn was placed under conservatorship on December 12, 2007. The court file lists professional fiduciary Laurie Jamison as conservator. Family and friends say Jamison has kept June hidden from her loved ones since April 2, 2008.

California’s Notice of Conservatee’s Rights states that a conservatee retains the right to “receive visits from family and friends.” California’s Handbook for Conservators further instructs: “When a person becomes a conservatee, he or she does not lose the right to visit with friends or family. … Do not isolate the conservatee by keeping friends or family away.”

“ Physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment with resulting physical harm or pain or mental suffering.”

This Examiner contacted Jamison for an interview and welfare check with June Guinn. Jamison refused and said, “That would be a HIPPA violation.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services specifies that HIPPA covers only medical information. HIPPA does not apply to an individual’s location or general condition.

Professional fiduciary Jamison is committing elder abuse in unlawfully isolating June from her family and friends. As well as being a crime under Penal Code 368, elder abuse by a professional fiduciary is a licensing violation named in the Business and Professions Code 6584(d): “Fraud, dishonesty, corruption, willful violation of duty, gross negligence or incompetence in practice, or unprofessional conduct in, or related to, the practice of a professional fiduciary.”

Advocates filed a complaint with the Professional Fiduciaries Board on Jun 9, 2013.

Elder Abuse of June Guinn by Modesto, California Conservator


9 Responses to “Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse of June Guinn by Modesto, California Conservator”

  1. Betty Says:

    She must be alive or the conservator would have dodged the question another way.

  2. Lynda Lucido Says:

    I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to find and to save my Mother, June Guinn's life. No doubt, that Mom is not where she should be, under Laurie Jamison's care and by all Probate Laws.I honestly, believe that, when Mom is found , if it is soon, they will find her mentally and physically abused Laurie, is allowing another person, to receive benefits and Veterans for Mom. All of this is illegal and Federal fraud. This is what Laurie would be hiding too. They are no doubt, scrambling to cover-up . To all of you wonderful people, STOP ,The Examiner and to Linda Kincaid too and so many others , I am forever grateful for you dedication and help "thank you so much"

  3. Terry Says:

    Shame on the guardian!

  4. Barbara Says:

    We are praying you find your Mother, Lynda, and that she is safe.

  5. StandUp Says:

    Thank you, Linda Kincaid, for writing this article and bringing awareness to June's plight. Isolating an elderly person from family and friends is inhumane treatment and should be classified as criminal.I join all those at NASGA who are prarying for June's return to her family.

  6. Sue Says:

    I join in thanking Linda Kincaid for taking action in the right direction – the source of the problem is the CONSERVATOR Laurie Jamison. Where is June Guinn? And why are you hiding her from her family? I pray June is alive and as well as could be expected. I hope there are severe consequences for the cruel inhumane treatment used as punishment for the family. Shame shame shame on you Laurie Jamison and how many other victims in your case files? And, remember KARMA is a *****!

  7. Finny Says:

    Let's hope the guardian does the right thing now and allows June to see her family. I can't imagine how she has suffered all this time, missing her family. Or did the guardian tell her that her family has deserted her? Even if the guardian did brainwash June, she knew her family didn't desert her and she's been in hell since 2008.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    After all the years now of dealing with this situation, seeing Grandma happy and doing what she wanted the last time I saw her….. to both Mom and Grandma's lives turned upside down is beyond comprehension. I have first hand knowledge that she was happy with my Mom. The whole family should be ashamed at everything that has taken place after Grandpa passed away. Guess you really can't fix stupid. It all boils down to greed, unethical behavior, a broken legal system, power, manipulation, and downright evilness. As Sue said about Karma…..When the time is right, all this will be proven and the people who are responsible will be punished. Maybe it's something in the water there in Modesto. Those of you from that area know what I am talking about, LOL.

  9. Sue Huntington Says:

    I came to know this story when Laurie Jamison was chosen to be 3rd neutral in an unwarranted RO obtained by mv sibling to stop me from helping mv mother falsely imprisoned in Modesto. Done so to sell Moms million dollar home, bay area property. I also filed a complaint with the professional fiduciary board regarding the unbelievable conduct of Laurie Jamison while mv mother in a bogus hospice. My precious mother was starved and drugged to death. Laurie Jamison refused to tell me where mv Mama was. She refused to call an ambulance. Jamieson yelled at me after being caught Lying. She also lied in reports that she submitted and is unconcerned about her despicable behavior. I encourage every person aside from the family of June Guinn to report what the know about this evil, uncaring person cuz she’s out there walking among us. Whos next ? The family should Call the attorney General to intervene on behalf of June Guinn. ya its the water !!! Take your elders by the hand and watch over them. Keep them from the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Surprising to me that Stanislaus Court has anything to do with Laurie Jamison. But the Court allows it ! Beware of brokers of real estate.

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