Indicted Texas Judge’s Ex Fiancee Changes Her Story

Yet another twist in the case involving a Galveston County judge who was indicted on criminal charges last week. You know the story the ex-fiance’ told about the judge wanting to kill his ex-wife and kidnap his children and live with them in New Zealand? Well, was it just that, a story? Tara Compton testified Wednesday saying Dupuy had started moving forward with making the plan a reality. She says he bought a gun with a silencer, purchased bars of silver to cash in later, sent her a picture of a house in New Zealand, said he knew someone to buy fake passports from and she says he discussed staging a boating accident on Christmas vacation so they could then disappear to New Zealand and she says the plan was to tell his kids their mom was killed in a car crash.

This emergency custody hearing where all of this testimony is taking place was called after these allegations surfaced. Compton had also said she was afraid of what Dupuy might do to her. Well, today, two days after giving the other testimony, Compton’s story wasn’t exactly the same. She’s now telling the court there was no plan to kill Dupuy’s ex-wife and no plot to take the kids out of the country.

Instead, Compton told the court Dupuy was just frustrated and stressed and it was a simple conversation, not anything he planned to carryout. “He said IF he was going to do it (kill his ex-wife) that’s how he said he would do it by going to his ex-wife’s door wearing a ski mask or get a low-life to do it and have an airtight alibi. He didn’t say he would do it,” said Compton on the stand.

Full Article, Video, and Source:
Galveston Judge Ex-Fiance Changes Her Story

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2 Responses to “Indicted Texas Judge’s Ex Fiancee Changes Her Story”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Boy, this is a case to watch!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    He looks like really bad news.

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