Danielle Murphy: "I want to live with my Aunt Nancy…."

Danielle Murphy is a young adult who knows exactly what she wants and needs and is very capable of expressing herself.

Below are her powerful words which continue to fall on the deaf ears of her court-appointed “protectors,” despite her Aunt Nancy’s tireless efforts to advocate for Danielle’s wishes, her best interest and her safety.

Danielle only wants to go home to her Aunt Nancy, where her life was meaningful and happy, until 2008 when she wrongfully fell into the system and her life was turned upside down and ripped apart. 

Danielle Rene Murphy, Ohio Victim


3 Responses to “Danielle Murphy: "I want to live with my Aunt Nancy…."”

  1. Thelma Says:

    This young woman is being treated worse than a convicted felon.

  2. Lydia Says:

    You've summed it up, Thelma. It's horriffic that she can't live where she wants and she's been separated from her family.

  3. Jan Says:

    Well said, Danielle. Your thoughts and what you want are crystal clear. I pray your prayers will be answered.

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