Suspended PA District Judge Kelly Ballentine Must Pay Back Part of Her Salary

Suspended District Judge Kelly Ballentine must surrender her past 3 1/2-months’ pay while she awaits a final disciplinary decision from a state board.

[The] state Court of Judicial Discipline suspended Ballentine without pay, retroactive to Feb. 11. She pleaded guilty to fixing her own parking tickets Feb. 1 and a petition was filed for her suspension 10 days later.

The Court of Judicial Discipline will make a final ruling on Ballentine’s standing as judge at a later date. For now, she is suspended without pay, according to the order filed. That means she must pay back what amounts to 27 percent of her annual salary: approximately $22,500.

She also must repay retirement and Social Security funds accrued since Feb. 11, the order shows.

The repayment total is to be determined by June 7.

 Ballentine has until that date to work out a payment plan. Her medical benefits, however, aren’t affected by the latest ruling; she’ll continue receiving those.

Ballentine has the option of appealing to the state Supreme Court.

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Suspended District Judge Must Pay Back Part of Her Salary

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2 Responses to “Suspended PA District Judge Kelly Ballentine Must Pay Back Part of Her Salary”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Ha! I love this!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    People who are in those positions to rule on other peoples lively hood should be more scruntized for the sake of public intergrity. She should be put in jail and serve community service and forced off the bench.

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