PA District Judge’s Pay Reinstated Amidst Ticket Fixing Probe

Magisterial District Judge Mark A. Bruno won a decision in court to have his judicial pay reinstated while he awaits trial in federal court on charges that he illegally helped fix a traffic ticket in Philadelphia.

The state’s Court of Judicial Discipline on May 24 ruled that the state Supreme Court had not properly looked at the full circumstances surrounding the government’s case against Bruno when it ordered his pay suspended following his indictment in January.

“The conduct with which Judge Bruno is charged does not approximate the conduct of other cases of judicial misconduct in which the defendants’ pay was properly withheld,” the court ruled, “for in no way is it imbued with the gravity and the overt disdain for the law on display in those cases.”
Vincent DiFabio, one of Bruno’s defense attorneys, said Thursday that the judge’s pay would be restored retroactively from the tie the state Supreme Court suspended him in February. DiFabio said he and his client were in the process of going through tens of thousands of pages of discovery provided by the US. Attorney’s Office in the matter in preparation for trial, possibly in November.

2 Responses to “PA District Judge’s Pay Reinstated Amidst Ticket Fixing Probe”

  1. Terry Says:

    Reinstated? That's not right. A judge under scrutiny for any kind of misconduct, should be suspended from the bench.

  2. Thelma Says:

    He shouldn't be paid; he should be removed.

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