Montana’s Elder Abuse Hotline Open Only during Regular Business Hours

Over the weekend KXLH received a call from a viewer who was reporting that she was being abused by someone in her home.

She told us that she tried calling the state’s elder abuse hotline and no one answered.

So we called the hotline (1-800-551-3191) to see if the phone lines were being manned and they weren’t.

The Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services reports that this hotline is only operational during regular business hours.

Full Article and Source:
Montana Elder Abuse Hotline Open During Regular Business Hours


3 Responses to “Montana’s Elder Abuse Hotline Open Only during Regular Business Hours”

  1. Thelma Says:

    So it's unlawful to beat a dog, but you can engage in elder abuse overnight?

  2. honeybear Says:

    Not good enough, Montana.

  3. Jennifer Lucille Says:

    Most of it bull the elder abuse in Mt is guardianship abuse. They force the elderly out of there homes put them in senior apts to clean them out. That case where a mother sold her home gave the money to the daughter, that normal in every will to your children. Not to social workers who steal social security checks and bank accounts. guardianship is not protection it a death sentence to never own anything again under their BS money management BS. Mt loves there bitches social workers and only gets one side of the story. Laurie Peterson Yamamoto supervivor of APS has been making end of life decisions a serial killer for estates for years soon to retire on all her money and move with her husband who been laughing on it for years to HAWAII. The so called abuse it abuse of power mostly crimial demormation in court without any due process after full guardianship is won they take it all and there only so many apts so the elder end up dead no questions asked, their social workers to move in the next victim and get the next estate. I know they came after my house and social security but lost. It just warm and fuzzy ELDER ABUSE BS BS BS, got you all fooled when there not even an incident, just after the elder money. They want it for themselfs not for the elder children, lifetime of work going to maybe only 50 social workers in MT, your all nuts, get the facts. It guardianship abuse it fraud and it murder. And there is no such thing as permanent guardianship for the duration of a person life APS made that one up. They are social security check chasers.

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