An Investigation into Conservatorship Abuse

Applause and standing ovation to Walter Roche Jr., the Investigative Editor/Reporter at The Tennesean, for his hard work, efforts, and his excellent ongoing expose of Davidson County Probate Court.

Victims of unlawful and abusive conservatorships who have suffered and been “protected” into indigence and silenced by an uncaring system, are being heard thanks to the sunshine of the media and the dedication of Mr. Roche and The Tennessean.

NASGA hopes Mr. Roche will receive many awards for his excellent and stellar series!

Judge Randy Kennedy – Davidson County’s only probate judge.

An Investigation into Conservatorship Abuse


10 Responses to “An Investigation into Conservatorship Abuse”

  1. StandUp Says:

    Whoever took that picture of Judge Kennedy could sell it back to him for millions of dollars, I bet.It's so telling!

  2. Carole Says:

    Wally Roche is my hero!

  3. Betty Says:

    And what an investigation it has been! Thank you, Wally Roche, and thank you NASGA!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Kennedy should be run out of town!

  5. Sylvia Says:

    I agree Reporter Roche earned an award for his dedication to society delivering information unknown to most. Great Job Walter! And, thank you so very much.

  6. jerri Says:

    kennedy's courtroom is a den of thieves

  7. Thelma Says:

    Let the thieving continue – that's the way I read the law recently signed by the Governor.

  8. sherEk Says:

    I'm currently struggling with the legal system. My father's multi-ti million dollar estate was embezzled by my brother who was Conservator.Five attorneys and a probate judge assisted with the fraud. Tennessee laws protected them and despite all the documented proof have turned a blind eye.Any other victims or someone who can assist me, my email is


    sherEk please contact NASGA at:

  10. sherEk Says:

    Thank you…I'll check it out.

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