WWII Vet Reaches Fundraising Goal To Prevent His Daughter From Evicting Him

A World War II veteran who claimed breach of fiduciary duty by his daughter in a lawsuit is now trying to prevent her from evicting him with a fundraising appeal that reached its goal on Thursday.

John Potter, 91, lived in his Zaleski, Ohio, home for 56 years.

According to a lawsuit he filed in 2011, he had given power of attorney to his daughter, who transferred the property to herself and her husband in 2004. An appeals court tossed the suit on statute of limitations grounds in a decision last year, citing evidence that Potter was aware of the transfer in 2004. Now the daughter is seeking to evict Potter.

Potter transferred power of attorney to his granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, who launched the fundraising appeal on GoFundMe in hopes she could buy the property for Potter. She told AOL Real Estate that Potter’s daughter had filed the eviction papers after a dispute between them over visitation rights to Potter’s autistic son. Potter’s son-in-law had told NBC4i.com that Potter could remain in the home if he would “stop the lawsuits.”

In a post at GoFundMe on Thursday, Fraley said her goal of raising $125,000 to buy back Potter’s home had been reached. “Thank you all!” Fraley wrote. “Those words seem so shallow compared to what I feel. All of your hearts reaching out to him is such an amazing gift.”

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WWII Vet Reaches Fundraising Goal to Prevent His Daughter From Evicting Him

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5 Responses to “WWII Vet Reaches Fundraising Goal To Prevent His Daughter From Evicting Him”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Potter!

  2. Terry Says:


  3. Sue Says:

    Thank God Above. As for his daughter, no mercy when she and her husband are judged, they deserve the fires of Hell for Eternity. And thank you John Potter for your service to our country. God Bless you and your Guardian Angel Granddaughter Jaclyn Fraley.

  4. Stef Says:

    A good way to end the day!

  5. Gandy Says:

    Very sad story but what an accomplishment!

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