Indicted Texas Judge, Christopher Dupuy, Faces More Troubles

Documents obtained by KHOU 11 News reveal more trouble for an embattled Galveston County Judge.

The 32-page document is a request for a protective order.

Adrienne Viterna’s emergency petition states that her former husband Christopher Dupuy planned to murder her and then flee from the country with their two small kids.

The petition was filed on the same day a grand jury indicted the Galveston County judge on felony and misdemeanor charges that he abused his authority from the bench.

In addition to his ex-wife, a district judge has gone on record in an email to county officials, urging them to take action because Dupuy, “could become violent and hurt or kill someone.”

Full Article and Source:
Indicted Galveston County Judge Faces More Troubles

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4 Responses to “Indicted Texas Judge, Christopher Dupuy, Faces More Troubles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This guy must be very mentally off!

  2. Linda Ryals Says:

    One down……………how many more to go!!

  3. Melinda Says:

    He looks mentally off!

  4. Nancy Says:

    Many to go Linda, and especially in Texas. We have to remember, though, there are still many good judges out there and they're not all like this one.

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